Kodali Population

Kodali is a Village in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, India. It falls under Ghantasala Mandal. Kodali population in 2019/2020 is between 2,837 and 3,510 and total households residing are 947.

Kodali population 2019/2020
The Kodali Village located in Ghantasala Mandal, 2925 People are living in this Village, 1445 are males and 1480 are females as per 2011 census. Expected Kodali population 2019/2020 is between 2,837 and 3,510. Literate people are 2058 out of 1057 are male and 1001 are female. People living in Kodali depend on multiple skills, total workers are 1444 out of which men are 910 and women are 534. Total 207 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 205 are cultivated by men and 2 are women. 932 people works in agricultural land as a labour in Kodali, men are 529 and 403 are women.


The Gram Panchayat is KODALI. The Mandal headquarters is GHANTASALA, and the distance from Kodali to GHANTASALA is 4 kilometers. The district headquarters is MACHILIPATNAM, and the distance from Kodali to MACHILIPATNAM is 30 kilometers. The nearest town is MACHILIPATNAM, and the distance from Kodali to MACHILIPATNAM is 30 kilometers. Kodali pincode is 521133.


The agricultural commodities are PADDY, SUGAR CANE, BLACK GRAM. The manufacturing commodities are RICE.


The Total area of Kodali is 814 hectares(8.14 sq km). The non agricultural area in this locality is 111.06 hectares. The canals are covered with 0 hectares.

Primary Health Care

Total Sub Primary Health Care units are 1 (sub-centres are staffed by health workers for outreach services).

Primary Schools

The total government primary schools available in this locality is 2.


Kodali .............. 4 km .............. GHANTASALA
Kodali .............. 30 km .............. MACHILIPATNAM
Kodali .............. 30 km .............. MACHILIPATNAM (nearest town)

Kodali agricultural crops are 4000 acrs with the water being sourced for this land from its nearer to krishna river. Kodali people enjoy the foods like full meals and celebrate the festivals like kalyanam. Nearby Schools to this village are/in Z.P.H.school,srinivasa Bala vidhyalayam, Colleges around this place are/in AT challapalli having 4 colleges and at movva having a Govt clz. Available Hospitals to the people living in this place are In kodali itself. People in Kodali and around this locations enjoy their entertainment in cinema theatres like/in at challapalli kamal,komala,sager. They do daily shopping in the markets of kodali itself having market. Temples around this place are 11th cebtury shiva temple..
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Kodali barchart on population, literacy, workers & households

Population of Kodali(2011 Census)


Post Office

The Post Office for Kodali is Ghantasala Mandal Post office located at 02, Ghantasala to Ghantasala Palem Rd, Ghantasala, Andhra Pradesh 521133, India.

Kodali Info

Village Crops : 4000 acrs
Village Crop Water : its nearer to krishna river
Village Foods : full meals
Village Festivals : kalyanam
Nearby Schools : Z.P.H.school,srinivasa Bala vidhyalayam
Nearby Colleges : AT challapalli having 4 colleges and at movva having a Govt clz
Nearby Hospitals : In kodali itself
Nearby Cinemas : at challapalli kamal,komala,sager
Nearby Markets : kodali itself having market
Nearby Temples : 11th cebtury shiva temple.
Kodali Sarpanch : Gummadi vijaya babu
Status of Water Source : Boar water
Status of Village Roads : Good
Status of Electricity : Good
Status of Water & Sanitation : we dnt have
Status of Health Problems : i dnt know
Main Transport : Its good
Distance from Kodali to Ghantasala Mandal : 8km
Distance from Kodali to Krishna : 25km
Distance from Kodali to Hyderabad(Shared), Amaravati (New State Capital) : 340km
Climate/Weather in Kodali Village
Weather in January : cool
Weather in April : hot
Weather in July : rainy
Weather in October : cool

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StateAndhra Pradesh
Population(2019/2020) est.2,837 - 3,510
Area8.14 Sq Km
Density0/Sq Km
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