Appikatla Population

Appikatla is a Village in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, India. It falls under Pedaparupudi Mandal. Appikatla population in 2019/2020 is between 921 and 1,139 and total households residing are 314.

Appikatla population 2019/2020
The Appikatla Village located in Pedaparupudi Mandal, 949 People are living in this Village, 492 are males and 457 are females as per 2011 census. Expected Appikatla population 2019/2020 is between 921 and 1,139. Literate people are 658 out of 349 are male and 309 are female. People living in Appikatla depend on multiple skills, total workers are 545 out of which men are 324 and women are 221. Total 38 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 33 are cultivated by men and 5 are women. 266 people works in agricultural land as a labour in Appikatla, men are 213 and 53 are women.


The Gram Panchayat is APPIKATLA. The Mandal headquarters is PEDAPARUPUDI, and the distance from Appikatla to PEDAPARUPUDI is 5 kilometers. The district headquarters is MACHILIPATNAM, and the distance from Appikatla to MACHILIPATNAM is 45 kilometers. The nearest town is GUDIVADA, and the distance from Appikatla to GUDIVADA is 10 kilometers. Appikatla pincode is 521301.


The agricultural commodities are PADDY, BLACK GRAM. The manufacturing commodities are RICE.


The Total area of Appikatla is 263 hectares(2.63 sq km). The non agricultural area in this locality is 29.54 hectares. The waste land in this locality is 5.63 hectares. The unirrigated land is 4.45 hectares. The canals are covered with 4.45 hectares.

Primary Schools

The total government primary schools available in this locality is 1.


Appikatla .............. 5 km .............. PEDAPARUPUDI
Appikatla .............. 45 km .............. MACHILIPATNAM
Appikatla .............. 10 km .............. GUDIVADA (nearest town)

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Appikatla barchart on population, literacy, workers & households

Population of Appikatla(2011 Census)


Post Office

The Post Office for Appikatla is Post Office located at Bhushanagulla Post Office, Gudivada, Andhra Pradesh 521263, India.
Appikatla village was discovered and formed by Sree Kodali Pattabhiramayya Agriculturist in early 17th century. He came from Guntur dt and settled in Appikatla and developed the village with then living facilties. He has got the instructions from Nujveedu Rajas to collect the taxes from the village people and used to pay them.

In Britishers time the village used called as Uppicatla In masulipatnam Dt.
There after timely the village was developed with the the help of each and every person of the village Appikatla. After the construction of Prakasam barrage in Bezawada the village was developed agriculturally mainly Paddy.

In the Appikatla village Sree Sitaramalingeswara swamy, Anjaneya swamy, Sreerama man iran, Sree Ganganamma talli temples and church are constructed.

The village people developed three tanks by name Voora cheruvu, Dwarabaddari cheruvu and Chakali cheruvu. After 1950 Primary School was developed.

This information regarding the Appikatla village was shared by our elders who lived in the village from time to time. Ian very much interested to know from the people regarding the village to publish a booklet of Appikatla village.
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No medical assistance in the village or nearby. No facility for the waste/garbage collection. No proper roads in the lanes of the village. No drain channels in the village. No public communication phone facility. No plants of Chettu padhakam on the roads. No library in the village. The above are required for the further development of the village people.
appikatla, pedaparupudi Mandal, District

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I lost my adhar card how. To know my adhar number
appikatla, bapatla Mandal, District

StateAndhra Pradesh
Population(2019/2020) est.921 - 1,139
Area2.63 Sq Km
Density0/Sq Km
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