Pochavaram Population

Pochavaram is a Village in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, India. It falls under Vatsavai Mandal. Pochavaram population in 2019/2020 is between 543 and 672 and total households residing are 163.

Pochavaram population 2019/2020
The Pochavaram Village located in Vatsavai Mandal, 560 People are living in this Village, 289 are males and 271 are females as per 2011 census. Expected Pochavaram population 2019/2020 is between 543 and 672. Literate people are 342 out of 195 are male and 147 are female. People living in Pochavaram depend on multiple skills, total workers are 354 out of which men are 182 and women are 172. Total 95 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 53 are cultivated by men and 42 are women. 247 people works in agricultural land as a labour in Pochavaram, men are 122 and 125 are women.The Population density in this area is 320/Sq Km.


The Gram Panchayat is POCHAVARAM. The Mandal headquarters is VATSAVAI, and the distance from Pochavaram to VATSAVAI is 7 kilometers. The district headquarters is MACHILIPATNAM, and the distance from Pochavaram to MACHILIPATNAM is 167 kilometers. The nearest town is JAGGAIAHPET, and the distance from Pochavaram to JAGGAIAHPET is 17 kilometers. Pochavaram pincode is 521402.


The agricultural commodities are PADDY, COTTON, CHILLIES.


The Total area of Pochavaram is 210 hectares(2.10 sq km). The non agricultural area in this locality is 27.51 hectares. The waste land in this locality is 20.23 hectares. The unirrigated land is 110.06 hectares.

Primary Schools

The total government primary schools available in this locality is 1.


Pochavaram .............. 7 km .............. VATSAVAI
Pochavaram .............. 167 km .............. MACHILIPATNAM
Pochavaram .............. 17 km .............. JAGGAIAHPET (nearest town)

Pochavaram agricultural crops are cotton mirchi rice anf croen with the water being sourced for this land from ok better. Pochavaram people enjoy the foods like rice and celebrate the festivals like dussra dewali and sankranti. Nearby Schools to this village are/in lingala and vatsavsi z p high schools, Colleges around this place are/in jaggayapeta collage. Available Hospitals to the people living in this place are in jaggayapeta. People in Pochavaram and around this locations enjoy their entertainment in cinema theatres like/in Cinema Halls in jaggayapet. They do daily shopping in the markets of in jaggayapeta. Temples around this place are Hanuman temple.
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Pochavaram barchart on population, literacy, workers & households

Population of Pochavaram(2011 Census)


Bus Station

The Closest main bus stand for Pochavaram local transport is Gandhi Park Centre Bus Stop located at Vatsavai, Andhra Pradesh 521402, India.


The Nearby Railway Station is Motumari Junction Railway Station located at Motamarri, Telangana 507204, India.


The Nearest Airport is Vijayawada Airport located at Gannavaram, Andhra Pradesh 521102, India. The distance from Vatsavai is 102 km, Aproximate time to reach Vijayawada Airport is 2 hours 5 mins

Fire Station

The Fire Station in case of emergencey for Pochavaram is AP Fire Diaster andResponse Station located at Jaggayyapet, Andhra Pradesh 521175, India.

Pochavaram Info

Village Crops : cotton mirchi rice anf croen
Village Crop Water : ok better
Village Foods : rice
Village Festivals : dussra dewali and sankranti
Nearby Schools : lingala and vatsavsi z p high schools
Nearby Colleges : jaggayapeta collage
Nearby Hospitals : in jaggayapeta
Nearby Cinemas : Cinema Halls in jaggayapet
Nearby Markets : in jaggayapeta
Nearby Temples : Hanuman temple
Status of Water Source : no
Status of Village Roads : no roads
Status of Electricity : some better
Status of Water & Sanitation : no

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In village roads drinking water street light.
Issues on Roads in pochavaram, vatsavai Mandal, District

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in Village roads problam please repair and street light drinkig water.. Pubilic transport not avalble
pochavaram, vatsavai Mandal, District

StateAndhra Pradesh
Population(2019/2020) est.543 - 672
Area2.10 Sq Km
Density320/Sq Km
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