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Rebbavaram is a Village in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, India. It falls under Vatsavai Mandal.

Rebbavaram Village is located in Vatsavai Mandal of Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh, India. Location code or village code of Rebbavaram is 9.


The Gram Panchayat is KAMBAMPADU. The Mandal headquarters is VATSAVAI, and the distance from Rebbavaram to VATSAVAI is 8 kilometers. The district headquarters is MACHILIPATNAM, and the distance from Rebbavaram to MACHILIPATNAM is 178 kilometers. The nearest town is JAGGAIAHPET, and the distance from Rebbavaram to JAGGAIAHPET is 28 kilometers.


The Total area of Rebbavaram is 203 hectares(2.03 sq km). The non agricultural area in this locality is 14.28 hectares. The barren uncultivable area is 8.09 hectares. The pasture graze area is 18.37 hectares. The unirrigated land is 49.76 hectares. The canals are covered with 49.76 hectares.


Rebbavaram .............. 8 km .............. VATSAVAI
Rebbavaram .............. 178 km .............. MACHILIPATNAM
Rebbavaram .............. 28 km .............. JAGGAIAHPET (nearest town)

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Bus Station

The Closest main bus stand for Rebbavaram local transport is Gandhi Park Centre Bus Stop located at Vatsavai, Andhra Pradesh 521402, India.


The Nearby Railway Station is Motumari Junction Railway Station located at Motamarri, Telangana 507204, India.


The Nearest Airport is Vijayawada Airport located at Gannavaram, Andhra Pradesh 521102, India. The distance from Vatsavai is 102 km, Aproximate time to reach Vijayawada Airport is 2 hours 5 mins

Fire Station

The Fire Station in case of emergencey for Rebbavaram is AP Fire Diaster andResponse Station located at Jaggayyapet, Andhra Pradesh 521175, India.

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StateAndhra Pradesh
Area2.03 Sq Km
Density0/Sq Km
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