Jorhat West

Jorhat West is a Town and Block in Jorhat district of Assam state in India. Total number of villages in this Block is 129. Jorhat West Block sex ratio is 961 females per 1000 of males.

Jorhat West Block Population

Jorhat West population 2019, households, literacy and census
According to 2011 census total population of Jorhat West is 211,539 people are living in this Block, of which 107,852 are male and 103,687 are female. Expected Population of Jorhat West Block in 2019/2020 is between 205,193 and 253,847. Literate people are 159,559 out of 85,657 are male and 73,902 are female. Total workers are 90,820 depends on multi skills out of which 61,867 are men and 28,953 are women. Total 17,376 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 12,194 are cultivated by men and 5,182 are women. 2,973 people works in agricultural land as a labour in Jorhat West, men are 1,910 and 1,063 are women.

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Jorhat West Block Villages List

List of Towns and Villages in Jorhat West Block. Total Number of Villages in this Block are 129.

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It is located at west of the jorhat district which latitude N 26.43 degree 43 inch, longitude E 94.06 degree.and it\'s elevision is 80 meter sea level. This village has historical background at the time of MOAMORIYA BIDRUH, this place was use for prisoners called HOOZ. After a long period a family is settle in this village whose title was \"Borahom\" hance the village named as \"Borahom gaon\" Now, there are 165 householder and population is about 825. People belong to this village have known many title as Borchetia, Chetia, Gogoi, Boruah, Patar, Guhain. There is only a holy place called NAMGHAR in the midst of the village.
About borahom_gaon Village, Jorhat West Block, Jorhat District