Jorhat is a district in Assam State of India. It has a total of 6 Blocks in this district. The district has an total area of 2,851 sq km. There are 11 towns and 848 villages in this district.

Jorhat Population

Jorhat district population 2019
As per census Jorhat District has a population of 1,092,256 in 2011 out of which 556,805 are male and 535,451 are female. Population of Jorhat District in 2019 is 1,199,019(estimates as per aadhar feb 2019 data). Literate people are 794,929 out of 432,335 are male and 362,594 are female. People living in Jorhat District depend on multiple skills, total workers are 498,618 out of which men are 320,746 and women are 177,872. Total 98,667 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 73,535 are cultivated by men and 25,132 are women. 20,176 people works in agricultural land as labor, men are 12,529 and 7,647 are women. Jorhat District sex ratio is 962 females per 1000 of males.

Jorhat District District Rural and Urban Population

The district has an total area of 2,851 sq km., 92.18 sq km is urban and 2758.82 sq km is rural. Out of total population of 1,212,405 in the district, 220,534 are in urban area and 871,722 are in rural area. 51,620 households are in urban, 184,642 are in rural area. 180,181 literate people are in urban, 614,748 are in rural area.

Jorhat Demographics
Languages are Assamese, Aiton

Jorhat Population Statistics(2011)

Jorhat District Blocks List

Jorhat District has total 6 Blocks, Below is the list of Jorhat Blocks.


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Issues of borahom_gaon
Jorhat_west, Jorhat District   said on
It is located at west of the jorhat district which latitude N 26.43 degree 43 inch, longitude E 94.06 degree.and it\'s elevision is 80 meter sea level. This village has historical background at the time of MOAMORIYA BIDRUH, this place was use for prisoners called HOOZ. After a long period a family is settle in this village whose title was \"Borahom\" hance the village named as \"Borahom gaon\" Now, there are 165 householder and population is about 825. People belong to this village have known many title as Borchetia, Chetia, Gogoi, Boruah, Patar, Guhain. There is only a holy place called NAMGHAR in the midst of the village.