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Birnama_tula, Ujiarpur Block, Samastipur District data has updated

Samastipur is a district in Bihar state in india.

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Issues on electricity in mohiuddinpur_jamua
About singhia Samastipur District   said on
There is following problems in Mohiuddinpur Jamua: 1. There is no electricity in this village after the India got Independece 2. There is no road to connect with rest of India. 3. There is river between Jamua and Wari on this river never built a bridge due to this problem Jamua is disconnected from its Panchayat of Singia block.
Issues on electricity in
About patori Samastipur District   said on
electricity problam onley 6 to 8 hours avlable
General problems in saidpur_zahid
About ujiarpur Samastipur District   said on
For the long period of time there is no road facility In our village ,the head of village mukhya is also not a responsible person, he using government funds for making his own house,he is such a scrounger