Sitamarhi is a district in Bihar state in india.

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Issues on roads in pandaul
About bathnaha Sitamarhi District   said on
Our village Sarvodaynagar , a part of village Panthpakar has no connectivity with road. Both side of the village the bituminous rad is there but if only one KM these road extends then our village will be connected to this road. Requested to construct this small length @ one KM road so that it will be connected with approach road.
Issues on roads in belwa_parri
About majorganj Sitamarhi District   said on
The roads of this place is very poor .. Please check the roads and make it ...
General problems in belsand
About belsand Sitamarhi District   said on
i have to put lot of comment on my village belsand
Issues on electricity in mahuwain
About parihar Sitamarhi District   said on
Electricity of my village is poor
General problems in hansaur
About belsand Sitamarhi District   said on
Its not look like that it is a village of 21 century rather look as 10th century. There is no road connectivity, no electricity , no communication facilities , no post office, no any health post no transportation even there is no road to reach ambulance. It is not remote area of Himalayas range but problems are huge than these pike of Himalayas...... Its very difficult to live here......
General problems in hira_kanhauli
About parsauni Sitamarhi District   said on
My name is abhay village name is hira kanhauli.i proud my village because all type of facility are avilable in my village.and my villagers are so co-oprative.they all are enjoy to each-outher always.
Issues on electricity in singhibahni
About sonbarsa Sitamarhi District   said on
No electricity in this village and road is also very bad....
General problems in madhu_chapra
About bairgania Sitamarhi District   said on
i am jainarayan from madhu chapra village .i born to father sri binda sah and mother maa dhanwantri devi in this village.i know to this palace culture sosaility and any problam nd facilities.this vill efected by darty politics. there arenone any one facilities to humanity. i want asked to our goverment how comed to good day in this village.