Pipra is a Village in West Champaran district of Bihar, India. It falls under Gaunaha Block.

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Pipra agricultural crops are Rice, Wheat, Cane, Potato with the water being sourced for this land from Natural Rain. Pipra people enjoy the foods like Mutton Curry And Rice, Fish fry,Chiken curry etc and celebrate the festivals like Eid al fitr, eid al adha, chath. Nearby Schools to this village are/in Primary School pipra, Colleges around this place are/in TP Verma College Narkatiaganj. Available Hospitals to the people living in this place are Govt. Hospital Narkatiaganj. People in Pipra and around this locations enjoy their entertainment in cinema theatres like/in Himalaya, Jayshrre Narkatiaganj. They do daily shopping in the markets of paschrukhia chauk and narkatia ganj. Temples around this place are juma masjid pipra.

This village is surrounded by harpur from east murli from north hardia from south paschrukhia frm west.The total nos. of inhabitants of this village is almost 500.80% of inhabitants are Sheikh muslim and there are few say 8% are ahir (yadav),5% Schedule cast and Rest are others.There are very cordial and warm relationship with each other in this village and it can be seen at the time festival exchanging their greetings ,wishes, sweets and gifts of festival of any community. There are lots of prominent people belongs to this village writing names of few amongs them for Example Mr Khalid Hussain (Sr. Project Manager in Reliave industries Ltd. Mumbai),Mr Sohail Akhtar( Chief Engineer in Ministry Of Non renewable Source Of Energy, Delhi)Mr. Diroz Alam ( Chief Engineer {Electrical}Ministry of Defense , Riyadh)Mr ImroJ Alam(Civil Engineer in Ministry Of Water Resource-Bihar Govt.)Mr Ahmad (Retired Chief Engineer-Bihar Govt irrigation deptt.) and Many More.The average life of inhabitants are here almost 70 years and literacy rate is about 80%.The Average Annual Income of this village is almost 120,000 INR or 2000 US Dollar..

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Pipra Info

Village Crops : Rice, Wheat, Cane, Potato
Village Crop Water : Natural Rain
Village Foods : Mutton Curry And Rice, Fish fry,Chiken curry etc
Village Festivals : Eid al fitr, eid al adha, chath
Nearby Schools : Primary School pipra
Nearby Colleges : TP Verma College Narkatiaganj
Nearby Hospitals : Govt. Hospital Narkatiaganj
Nearby Cinemas : Himalaya, Jayshrre Narkatiaganj
Nearby Markets : paschrukhia chauk and narkatia ganj
Nearby Temples : juma masjid pipra
Banks, PO Nearby : SBI Narkatiaganj and DK shikarpur
Main Trade in Pipra : Farming. Local Business, Private JObs, Govt. Jobs
Pipra Sarpanch : Right Now N/ A Say Diroz Alam
Block President : not known
Status of Water Source : hand pump
Status of Village Roads : average
Status of Electricity : worst
Status of Water & Sanitation : worse
Status of Health Problems : Average
Main Transport : Go North side on gaunaha road from narkatia junction and take a right turn from paschrukhia chowk that road will go directly to pipra.
Distance from Pipra to Gaunaha Block : 7 km
Distance from Pipra to West Champaran : 32 km
Distance from Pipra to Patna : 180 km
Climate/Weather in Pipra Village
Weather in January : 15 ℃
Weather in April : 23 ℃
Weather in July : 40 ℃
Weather in October : 30 ℃

Posted by Diroz Alam on 2014-08-13

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