Bokaro District

Bokaro district population 2019, households, workers, literate, area, census and language in Jharkhand
Bokaro Population Statistics(2011)
The Bokaro information graph explains 2062330 People are living in this disctrict, 1072807 are Male and 989523 are female as per 2011 census. Expected population of Bokaro in 2019 is between 2000461 and 2681029. Literate people are 1273520 out of 759088 are male and 514432 are female. People living in Bokaro depend on multiple skills, total workers are 685368 out of which men are 507677 and women are 177691. Total 50940 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 40804 are cultivated by men and 10136 are women. 23861 people works in agricultural land as a labour in Bokaro, men are 18013 and 5848 are women.

Geography of Bokaro
Languages spoken are Hindi

Blocks of Bokaro District


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Agriculture & irrigation issues in kari_khurd
Gumia, Bokaro District   said on
irrigation and sanitation facilities is not good.many villagers drink alcohol.
Issues of amainagar
Chandankiyari, Bokaro District   said on
The local language of Amainagar is \"BENGALI\" . It is a bengali dominated village.The two communities are there. Bengali specking people(all are bramhin) and they are purely Bangali . Bhuina community people are there who speaks in a local language by mixing Santhali Bengali Kurmi . Use of Hindi language is not there at all. Before the division of bengal the then Bihar(at the time of Sri Bidhan Ch. Roy), it was under Purulia town known as a part of MANBHUM. The village was dominated by Zaminders\' at that time when zaminderi system was there. Those zaminder was belongs to \"PATRA\" family, who are actually BANERJEE community but they used their tittle as \"PATRA\". History tells that the Zaminder of Amainagar was controlled by the Maharaja of Kashipur under purulia district and they offered them the tittle as \"PATRA\". Even today those Patra family people are there. Besides this Patar people other bramhin people like Mukerjee