Palamu District

Palamu district population 2019, households, workers, literate, area, census and language in Jharkhand
Palamu Population Statistics(2011)
The Palamu information graph explains 1939869 People are living in this disctrict, 1006302 are Male and 933567 are female as per 2011 census. Expected population of Palamu in 2019 is between 1881673 and 2521830. Literate people are 1024563 out of 621706 are male and 402857 are female. People living in Palamu depend on multiple skills, total workers are 713175 out of which men are 473042 and women are 240133. Total 68895 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 55028 are cultivated by men and 13867 are women. 95734 people works in agricultural land as a labour in Palamu, men are 69692 and 26042 are women.

Geography of Palamu
Languages spoken are Hindi

Blocks of Palamu District


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Issues of
Untari_road, Palamu District   said on
Paragya kendra
Issues of kundri
Lesliganj, Palamu District   said on
My village kundri p.s leslinganj palamu
Drinking water problems in khardiha
Haidernagar, Palamu District   said on
Pani ka bahut dikt hai sir bahut garib hai sab or sir sharab band karo sir ji
Agriculture & irrigation issues in sarauna
Panki, Palamu District   said on
Agricultural status of this village (sarauna) is very poor. For this many reasons can be described. But as I think some prominent reasons are lack of actual knowledge of agriculture, lack of irrigational hardware, lack of publicly interests for agriculture etc.
Transportation request in kundri
Lesliganj, Palamu District   said on
There is about negligible transport facility in kundri except NH-75 Crossing through the village.....And there is also too much lack of inter village road network,there are only such a few road crossing through Jhanda pol.....We suffer too much problems while walking on these roads specially in rainy season...In rainy season we could not even think to walk on these roads....This is one of the major issue of my village....
Issues on electricity in golhana
Haidernagar, Palamu District   said on
This village not electric on deturab my reading
Issues of patra_kalan
Hussainabad, Palamu District   said on
Me patara kala husainabad plamu jharkhand ka rahane wala hu me bahut kush hu jo asi gaw me janm hua
Issues of rampur
Chainpur, Palamu District   said on
me rampur vill. Ke upshawat kend par doctor nahi ate hai.
Issues of patra_kalan
Hussainabad, Palamu District   said on
Village patara kala japala ka nambar one he or nambar one rhega ye meri dava he