Avalahalli is a Village in Bangalore district of Karnataka, India. It falls under Anekal Taluka.

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Avalahalli agricultural crops are Flowers grown here largley. Such as daisy,yellow daisy,blue daisy with the water being sourced for this land from Borewells. Avalahalli people enjoy the foods like Raggi, rice and celebrate the festivals like Maddurama fair,ganesha festivals etc.. Nearby Schools to this village are/in Vishwabarathi educational trust,delhi public school,harvest international school, Colleges around this place are/in Swamy vivekananda college,krupanidhi,florence college etc. Temples around this place are Maddurama devi temple..

This place is beautiful for the people who like to be free,its far away from the city,and its easy to travell for the city within few minutes...

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Avalahalli Info

Village Crops : Flowers grown here largley. Such as daisy,yellow daisy,blue daisy
Village Crop Water : Borewells
Village Foods : Raggi, rice
Village Festivals : Maddurama fair,ganesha festivals etc.
Nearby Schools : Vishwabarathi educational trust,delhi public school,harvest international school
Nearby Colleges : Swamy vivekananda college,krupanidhi,florence college etc
Nearby Temples : Maddurama devi temple.
Main Trade in Avalahalli : Agriculture aswell as business and services
Status of Water Source : Borewells.
Status of Village Roads : Not so good
Status of Electricity : Good
Status of Water & Sanitation : Good

Posted by prajwal.k on 2016-04-05

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No proper roads.... so please make it and solve it because so many vehicles are travelling in this road day by day.
Issues on Agriculture & Irrigation in avalahalli, anekal Taluka, District