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Hassan is a district in Karnataka state in india.

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Issues on agriculture & irrigation in somanathanahalli
About channarayapatna Hassan District   said on
There is drinking water problem and sanitation problem through out the village . Due to local political problems the lift irrigation Kachena halli granted 20 years back the villages like SANNEHA HALLI KUNCHEVU SHATTY GOWDANA HALLI SOMANATHANAHALLI D .SAMURAVALLI BALADHARE UGRANAKOPPLUETC 10 villages efected .70% earth work completed water not reached for dry tanks which affects for domestic animals people of villagers,
Issues on roads in kumkumadahosur
About hole_narsipur Hassan District   said on
Our village has no good roads.
Issues on roads in goravanahalli
About arkalgud Hassan District   said on
our village road is mud road pls make gud road.pls fill the lakes arround our area by lift irrigation .bcz now a days their is no water to drink animals and agriculture my village just 5 km away from hemavathi river.
General problems in akkalavadi
About arkalgud Hassan District   said on
I this village roads needs to be improve....there is no transport facility to village ..overall needs to be improve