Harda District

Harda district population 2019, households, workers, literate, area, census and language in Madhya Pradesh
Harda Population Statistics(2011)
The Harda information graph explains 570465 People are living in this disctrict, 294838 are Male and 275627 are female as per 2011 census. Expected population of Harda in 2019 is between 553352 and 741605. Literate people are 352550 out of 203807 are male and 148743 are female. People living in Harda depend on multiple skills, total workers are 230979 out of which men are 156852 and women are 74127. Total 58268 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 48764 are cultivated by men and 9504 are women. 56157 people works in agricultural land as a labour in Harda, men are 37186 and 18971 are women.

Geography of Harda
Languages spoken are Hindi

The Nearest Airport to Harda is Raja Bhoj Airport Bhopal.The Collectorate office for this district is Collectorate, Harda, Madhya Pradesh, and other popular district head offices are P.W.D Office, The nearby Fire service for this district is Fire Station.The Head Post office for this district is in Main Post Office. and the Railway Station is Harda (station).

Harda District Nearest Airport:
Raja Bhoj Airport Bhopal
Airport Road, Gandhi Nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462036, India
0755 264 6001
Harda District Fire Station:
Fire Station
01, Sanawad-Punasa-Mundi Main Rd Sector No.01, Ward Number 1, Sanawad-Punasa-Mundi Main Rd, Sector No.01, Ward Number 1, Mundi, Madhya Pradesh 450112, India
Harda District Head POST OFFICE:
Main Post Office
National Highway 59A, Harda, Madhya Pradesh 461331, India
Timings: 1000 - 1700 (closed)

075772 22002
Harda District Railway Zone:
Harda, Madhya Pradesh 461331, India
Harda District Collectorate Office:
Collectorate, Harda, Madhya Pradesh
Harda, Madhya Pradesh 461331, India
Timings: 1030 - 1700 (closed)

Harda District Offices:
P.W.D Office
Golapura, Harda, Madhya Pradesh 461331, India

Tehsils of Harda District


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Issues on electricity in sarangpur
Khirkiya, Harda District   said on
i am gourav rathore nd ilive in sarangpur village. please solve the problem of electricity
Roads request in baidi
Handiya, Harda District   said on
हमारे गाँव बैडी मे बगीचा नाम के वार्ड का रोड बहुत ज्यादा बेकार है अतः सरकार से निवेदन है कि वह इस रोड को जल्द से जल्द बनावे लोगो को आने जाने मे बहुत अधिक मात्र परेशानी उठानी पडती है