Barwaha is a Town and Tehsil in Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh state in India. Total number of villages in this Tehsil is 311. Hindi language is widely spoken in Barwaha. Barwaha Tehsil sex ratio is 952 females per 1000 of males.

Barwaha Tehsil Population

Barwaha population 2019, households, literacy and census
According to 2011 census total population of Barwaha is 292,045 people are living in this Tehsil, of which 149,630 are male and 142,415 are female. Expected Population of Barwaha Tehsil in 2019 is between 283,284 and 350,454. Literate people are 165,521 out of 99,708 are male and 65,813 are female. Total workers are 151,150 depends on multi skills out of which 84,876 are men and 66,274 are women. Total 48,136 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 29,282 are cultivated by men and 18,854 are women. 64,058 people works in agricultural land as a labour in Barwaha, men are 34,615 and 29,443 are women.

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Barwaha Nearby Places like are Kayaria Mal, Un Bank of India, housing Board colony garden, Khandelwal Bakery, St. Mary's HS School, Kanwar Colony Garden, Jass ka dhabha, A-One Automobiles, Jayanti Sweets, khandelwal Sweets, imaging Photography Studio, Saraswati Shishu Mandir School, Nai ki dukan, Sai Shree Collection, disha computer, Swami Vivekanand Higher Secondary School, Gangor ghat, Manbhavan, Shri Param Public School, Barwah
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Barwaha Tehsil Villages List

List of Towns and Villages in Barwaha Tehsil. Total Number of Villages in this Tehsil are 311.

Daulatpura : Agricultural crops are Soybean and source of water for this land from Lake, River & Well. Daulatpura people often enjoy the village foods like Daal Bafle and festivals we celebrate like Navratri. Schools to this village are/in Kanwartara Public school and Colleges nearer to this place are/in J.I.T. Borawan. They do daily and frequent shopping in the markets of Bagod. Nearby Temples of this place are Om kareshwar. More about Daulatpura
Bakawan : Agricultural crops are Chilli, Wheat, Cotton, Soyabin and source of water for this land from River Narmada. Bakawan people often enjoy the village foods like Bati dal, khichdi and festivals we celebrate like Deepawali, Holi , dusshera. Schools to this village are/in Pratibha vidhya mandir and Colleges nearer to this place are/in Shree reva gurjar collage. People in Bakawan and nearby places of this location enjoy their entertainment in cinema theatres like/in NIlkamal. Nearby Temples of this place are Shiv Mandir, Ram Mandir is in progress. More about Bakawan

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