Khitora is a Village in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh, India. It falls under Joura Tehsil.
Khitora agricultural crops are Wheat,til,pulses with the water being sourced for this land from Well. Khitora people enjoy the foods like Curry and chapatu and celebrate the festivals like All festival are equally celebrated. Nearby Schools to this village are/in Govt school They do daily shopping in the markets of Joura.
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Khitora Village is located in Joura Tehsil of Morena district in Madhya Pradesh, India. Location code or village code of Khitora is 452316.

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Khitora Info

Village Crops : Wheat,til,pulses
Village Crop Water : Well
Village Foods : Curry and chapatu
Village Festivals : All festival are equally celebrated
Nearby Schools : Govt school
Nearby Markets : Joura
Main Trade in Khitora : Wheat
Khitora Sarpanch : Mohit singh sikarwar
Status of Water Source : Handpump
Status of Village Roads : Good
Status of Electricity : No electricity
Status of Water & Sanitation : Yes
Status of Health Problems : Yes
Main Transport : No available
Distance from Khitora to Joura Tehsil : 20 kms
Distance from Khitora to Morena : 40kms
Distance from Khitora to Bhopal : 350 kms
Climate/Weather in Khitora Village
Weather in January : Cold
Weather in April : Hot
Weather in July : Warm
Weather in October : Rainy

Posted by Sachin on 2016-10-01

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Public transport not available lacking irrigation system
khitora, joura Tehsil, District