Kheda Digwar

Kheda Digwar is a Village in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh, India. It falls under Sabalgarh Tehsil. Kheda Digwar population in 2019 is between 2282 and 2823 and total households residing are 478.

Kheda Digwar Population

Kheda Digwar population 2019
The Kheda Digwar Village located in Sabalgarh Tehsil, 2352 People are living in this Village, 1304 are males and 1048 are females as per 2011 census. Expected Kheda Digwar population 2019 is between 2282 and 2823. Literate people are 1316 out of 892 are male and 424 are female. People living in Kheda Digwar depend on multiple skills, total workers are 1046 out of which men are 700 and women are 346. Total 462 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 447 are cultivated by men and 15 are women. 82 people works in agricultural land as a labour in Kheda Digwar, men are 44 and 38 are women.

Kheda Digwar agricultural crops are sarso, bajra with the water being sourced for this land from rain, canal. Kheda Digwar people enjoy the foods like gehu, bajra and celebrate the festivals like diwali, raksha bandhan. Nearby Schools to this village are/in upto 8th class They do daily shopping in the markets of 12km from kheda.
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Kheda Digwar barchart on population, literacy, workers & households

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Population of Kheda Digwar(2011 Census)


Post Office

The Post Office for Kheda Digwar is Post Office Sabalgarh located at MDR 2, Sabalgarh, Madhya Pradesh 476229, India.


The Nearby Railway Station is Joura Railway Station located at Joura, Madhya Pradesh 476221, India.


The Nearest Airport is Gwalior Airport located at Maharajpura, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 474020, India. The distance from Sabalgarh is 118 km, Aproximate time to reach Gwalior Airport is 2 hours 38 mins


The Nearest Airport is Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia Air Terminal located at Maharajpura, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 474020, India. The distance from Sabalgarh is 112 km, Aproximate time to reach Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia Air Terminal is 2 hours 30 mins

Fire Station

The Fire Station in case of emergencey for Kheda Digwar is Fire Brigade located at Maharaj Bada, Near Nazar Bagh Market, Gwalior, 474001, India. Contact number is 0751 243 8361

Kheda Digwar Info

Village Crops : sarso, bajra
Village Crop Water : rain, canal
Village Foods : gehu, bajra
Village Festivals : diwali, raksha bandhan
Nearby Schools : upto 8th class
Nearby Markets : 12km from kheda
Banks, PO Nearby : sbi mangroll
Kheda Digwar Sarpanch : ROOMALI JATAB
Status of Water Source : HAND PUMP
Status of Electricity : NOT AVAILABLE
Status of Health Problems : YES
Distance from Kheda Digwar to Sabalgarh Tehsil : 12 KM
Distance from Kheda Digwar to Morena : 82 KM

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