Chandel is a district in Manipur State of India. It has a total of 4 Subdivisions in this district. The district has an total area of 3,313 sq km. There are 1 towns and 437 villages in this district.

Chandel Population

Chandel district population 2019
As per census Chandel has a population of 144,182 in 2011 out of which 74,579 are male and 69,603 are female. Population of Chandel in 2019 is 151,503(estimates as per aadhar feb 2019 data). Literate people are 90,302 out of 51,053 are male and 39,249 are female. People living in Chandel depend on multiple skills, total workers are 76,238 out of which men are 42,615 and women are 33,623. Total 32,224 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 18,231 are cultivated by men and 13,993 are women. 2,782 people works in agricultural land as labor, men are 1,330 and 1,452 are women. Chandel sex ratio is 933 females per 1000 of males.

Chandel District Rural and Urban Population

The district has an total area of 3,313 sq km., 1 sq km is urban and 3312 sq km is rural. Out of total population of 160,043 in the district, 16,847 are in urban area and 127,335 are in rural area. 3,231 households are in urban, 25,570 are in rural area. 10,285 literate people are in urban, 80,017 are in rural area.

Chandel Demographics
Languages are Manipuri

Chandel Population Statistics(2011)

Chandel District Subdivisions List

Chandel District has total 4 Subdivisions, Below is the list of Chandel Subdivisions.

Chandel District Map
Chandel District Subdivisions Map

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Issues of kambang_khullen
Tengnoupal, Chandel District   said on
The Village name has been wrongly recorded, It should be Kampang Khullel and not as kambang khullen. Moreover the location shown in the map also not coorect. The exact location has been named Kampang Khullel.
Issues of kambang_khullen
Tengnoupal, Chandel District   said on
The real name of Kambang Khullen is Kampang. Its a Maring village, which is now called Kampang Khullel, is situated on the Myanmar border of the Indian state of Manipur in the Tengnoupal block of the Chandel district,India. It lies along the alternative Highway 102 (Imphal-Heirok-Khudengthabi- Moreh). In Maring its poetic name is Ningnakhu. It's a small hill village at an altitude of about 1400m above the sea level. As per the Maring legend the village flourished in the New stone Age and was formally settled as Kampang in 1424 A.D.The village was frequently raided by Meitei King during 17 century and 1925–1928. It was also totally deserted during Second World War (1940–1943). The village was burnt down thrice in 1993 due to Naga-Kuki conflict. All the villagers fled to other places and again resettled in 1996. Most of the Maring historical places are found here. the historical places are Lhouyang pal (Warriors gate), Cholomthil bung, Wapur manchem, Shangthilbung, Phomi Chin etc. The land of Kampang is evergreen forest and Different varieties of wild animals and plants are growing in the forest of the village. During British period in 1880s a police station was set up and named as Kampang thanah.
Issues of khuninglung
Chandel, Chandel District   said on
Present leaders:- village: khuninglung,chandel,manipur. Chairman: Kn Mothil Makunga Maring Secretary: Dp Bosco Maring Treasurer: Kokothil Maring
Drinking water problems in khuninglung
Chandel, Chandel District   said on
Nearby this village, there is flowing river water called Maha river origin from chandel side which is very clean i.e still fit to consume by animals. People those who are living here they use to make small hole by digging into the sand knwon as Goa(local language) to get a fresh water. There is no need of water supplier it can reach directly to each home by using their own water engine. Those who once settle here would be continue to live their whole life. Its amazing place.
Development in khuninglung
Chandel, Chandel District   said on
it is one of the possible site which can bring lots of developement. Its is a small plain area occupied by maring tribe.