Dimapur District

Dimapur is a district in Nagaland state in india.

Subdivisions of Dimapur District

Dimapur District Map
Dimapur District Subdivisions Map

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Issues on agriculture & irrigation in khehuto
About aquqhnaqua Dimapur District   said on
our village is small n we don't have rivers in our village so we used to face a lot of problem so please help our village
Issues on roads in new_showuba
About nihokhu Dimapur District   said on
Dear Sir, I\'m the residents of New Showuba village, Dimapur There is a drainage problem and Road problem at our church road Whenever there is a rain, the water will stagnate at my place church road and the drainage flow will stop. Inspite of many complaints, every time the officials will take up the matter on temporary basis and will resolve the matter. Because of Road problem this problem arises. I request you to kindly do the needful in solving the problem permanently and do the needful. Regards Kiuhomong.
Issues on development in hovukhu
About niuland Dimapur District   said on
NIT was proposed and an agreement was signed between the parties. However surprisingly and annoyingly the venue was shifted to chumukedima. The nagas in general and the sumis in particular were deprived of the opportunity that could usher in development ,peace and changes. What is done is done ...bygones are bygone. Now the questions and most awaited is what is the government doing or about to do??? Plz brighten up and not keep in dark and suspense the innocent and gullible public. The land has been bought so utilise it judiciously but fast... before it gets barren. Implement a project soon lest Jesus comes and d world ends. Be good and do good if a true Christian so god might be kind to u... keep d holy spirit of Jesus working. God bless.