Phek District

Phek is a district in Nagaland state in india.

Subdivisions of Phek District

Phek District Map
Phek District Subdivisions Map

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General problems in thenyizumi
About chetheba Phek District   said on
Sukhrunyi is an important festival in this village
Issues on roads in thenyizumi
About chetheba Phek District   said on
Roads conditions was very bad in this area, during the rainy season the road was block due to improper drainage systems to three or four days and even sometimes upto one months, in case, the patients are face lots of problems and community are also facing problems as cannot to transport in time...
Issues on drinking water in thenyizumi
About chetheba Phek District   said on
Drinking water supplies is very poor in this village, the villagers are not found as satisfied with water.
Issues on transportation in yoruba
About chozuba Phek District   said on
vehical service to all major towns from chozuba
General problems in reguri
About meluri Phek District   said on
The recent expedition led by Siechutho Katiry, forest ranger Meluri with Team of Pochury Gazetted Officers Forum (PGOF) on 21 October 2015 to measure the height of the peak Moi Len is located under Reguri territory/soil/land. In those times, when Assam Riffle camp at Molhe (which is also under Reguri land/soil) or in other words called as Mol he Camp, which is called "Molhe pass" where Japanese entered in Nagaland during the WW-II. Some are of the confusion that the Mollen peak, called Moi Len peak is at Mollen Village. But i assure you, when looked into geographically it lies in Reguri. The mountain is in our dialect is called "Tüpukhasü". In the mean time, we appreciate the work of the forest ranger and team of PGOF,for venturing the Virgin forest and that brought laurel to us, which othe rise was unknown due to geographical remoteness!