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Mulubasanta, Mahanga Tehsil, Cuttack District data has updated
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Cuttack district population 2019, households, workers, literate, area, census and language in Odisha
Cuttack Population Statistics(2011)
The Cuttack information graph explains 2624470 People are living in this disctrict, 1352760 are Male and 1271710 are female as per 2011 census. Expected population of Cuttack in 2019 is between 2545736 and 3411811. Literate people are 2011469 out of 1103033 are male and 908436 are female. People living in Cuttack depend on multiple skills, total workers are 936365 out of which men are 761876 and women are 174489. Total 119181 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 114861 are cultivated by men and 4320 are women. 132637 people works in agricultural land as a labour in Cuttack, men are 117492 and 15145 are women.

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Languages spoken are odia

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Health problems in buhalpur
Nemalo, Cuttack District   said on
My villagers faces lot of problem.but health problem is very essential.any type of medical facilities is not present there
Issues of mulubasanta
Mahanga, Cuttack District   said on
Ganesh Puja celebrates every here in Mulabasanta Brahmin Sahi every year for seven days. It continues from more than last 100 yeas. Unfortunately, The Ganesh temple is still not recognized by any govt. authority. The entire Mahotsav control and mantain by the village puja committee.
Issues of mulubasanta
Mahanga, Cuttack District   said on
Famous festival of Mulabasanta is Ganesh Puja. Ganesha puja celebrate for seven days.
Issues of
Barang, Cuttack District   said on
An \'Experience of humiliation over residence certificate of CDA resident Dr.Manoranjan DaDash has ventilated to us. Dr.Dash applied for a residence certificate of his daughter Soumya Sourav Dash.since last 5 days .Dr.Dash ran for 5 days to get a residencial authentication for daughter study need.But could not get in time frame of govt.directive of service disposal by govt. .official.This speak of govt .over .