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Dhenkanal district population 2019, households, workers, literate, area, census and language in Odisha
Dhenkanal Population Statistics(2011)
The Dhenkanal information graph explains 1192811 People are living in this disctrict, 612593 are Male and 580218 are female as per 2011 census. Expected population of Dhenkanal in 2019 is between 1157027 and 1550655. Literate people are 829910 out of 464093 are male and 365817 are female. People living in Dhenkanal depend on multiple skills, total workers are 435533 out of which men are 340552 and women are 94981. Total 59655 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 57261 are cultivated by men and 2394 are women. 66856 people works in agricultural land as a labour in Dhenkanal, men are 55563 and 11293 are women.

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Languages spoken are odia

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Issues of baghua
Kankadahad, Dhenkanal District   said on
A tribal village of Juanga tribe - one of the most primitive tribes in the country. This village is now known as a village of widows as males die young by consuming hooch sold illegally in the area - commonly known as Bihari Pani. No improvement in life of people in last 40 years though now the village has got electricity, water connection and a primary school. Public health system does not work here. People most dependent of farming and collecting edible bulbous roots from nearby forest. Forest has depleted to vast track of barren land in the vicinity for illegal cutting of trees. Gone are the days when the village used to be surrounded with big Sal and Mohua trees. Young boys spend the time playing cards in village community hall - earlier used for entertainment and meeting by elderly people for the welfare of the society.
Agriculture & irrigation issues in iswarapal
Rasol, Dhenkanal District   said on
There is no water facilities for agriculture.
Issues of
Kamakshyanagar, Dhenkanal District   said on
I WANT A NEW CONNECTION .Please send me your deteales of new connection requared ducument as your needs.