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Bhudobar, Biramaharajpur Tehsil, Subarnapur District data has updated

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Languages spoken are odia

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Issues of sialinali
Rampur, Subarnapur District   said on
its a good village covering with beauty of nature.I am staying here from my child hood and this is my native too.needs to be developed the life style of by day people are adopting medern technology and for got about tradition. people need to be awarded about there right and environment.yet I did not found to see any good activity in this finally need to developed every thing like education,health,forestry, road transportation and many more.
Issues of sahajbahal
Binika, Subarnapur District   said on
my vellage best vellage ! i love sahaj bahal !
Issues on electricity in kunjapali
Biramaharajpur, Subarnapur District   said on
Therewaselectricityprobleminthisvillage pleasegiveatransformainthisvillage