The District Firozpur is situated at India-Pakistan border, at the east side Faridkot district, Moga district and at the south side Muktsar District is situated. On the north east the River Sutlej generally separates it from the Firozpur and Kapurthala districts and on the south west side the Fazilka district touches the boundaries of Firozpur. The united stream of the Sutlej and Beas generally separates it from the Amritsar district in the north-west, and farther down from the Pakistan with the exception of some areas on each side of the river.

It is believed to have been founded by Feroz shah Tughluq in the 14th century. Another version claims that it was founded by a Bhatti chief called Feroz Khan.

Three heroic martyrs of India's freedom struggle Shaheed Bhagat Singh and his associates Shaheed Rajguru and Shaheed Sukhdev have their final resting place on the banks of the river Sutlej in Firozpur. On March 23, 1931, despite popular protest, these three heros were executed in Lahore secretly and left their bodies in gunnybags on the banks of Sutlej River.

Tehsils of Firozpur District


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