Gurdaspur Villages Data Updates

Shakri, Gurdaspur Tehsil, Gurdaspur District data has updated

Gurdaspur is a district in Punjab state in india.

Tehsils of Gurdaspur District


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Issues on drinking water in bulewal
About gurdaspur Gurdaspur District   said on
gov made water pump/tank is not working because of outstanding electricity bill
General problems in bulewal
About gurdaspur Gurdaspur District   said on
Small channel for outlet supply of village waste water pound or you can say sewage land is illigally controlled by farmers and has become a part of farms of those farmers
Issues on electricity in bhamboi
About batala Gurdaspur District   said on
Sir hmara village mai light ki kmai hai 90 volt light ati hai mai apsa reqwest krta hu is kmi ko pura kiya jaya