Thathiala is a Village in Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar district of Punjab, India. It falls under Balachaur Tehsil.

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Thathiala agricultural crops are Wheat, Rice with the water being sourced for this land from Tubewells. Thathiala people enjoy the foods like Chapati and Basmati Rice and celebrate the festivals like Hindu Dogra festival. Nearby Schools to this village are/in Govt Senior Secondary School, Colleges around this place are/in Balachaur. Available Hospitals to the people living in this place are Govt hospital Balachaur. People in Thathiala and around this locations enjoy their entertainment in cinema theatres like/in Balahcaur. They do daily shopping in the markets of Balachaur. Temples around this place are Baba Abdula Shah Mazar.

Village is still lacking basic facilities for the residents such like conveyance, water and roads and sanitation.

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Thathiala Info

Village Crops : Wheat, Rice
Village Crop Water : Tubewells
Village Foods : Chapati and Basmati Rice
Village Festivals : Hindu Dogra festival
Nearby Schools : Govt Senior Secondary School
Nearby Colleges : Balachaur
Nearby Hospitals : Govt hospital Balachaur
Nearby Cinemas : Balahcaur
Nearby Markets : Balachaur
Nearby Temples : Baba Abdula Shah Mazar
Banks, PO Nearby : Central Bank of India, Balanchaur
Main Trade in Thathiala : Farming
Thathiala Sarpanch : Capt Tarsem Singh
Tehsil President : Balanchaur
Status of Water Source : Hand Pumps
Status of Village Roads : Worst
Status of Electricity : Occasionally
Status of Water & Sanitation : Poor
Status of Health Problems : No medical facilities available
Main Transport : from Balahcuar to Sajowal to Nanowal-Niana
Distance from Thathiala to Balachaur Tehsil : 6 Kms
Distance from Thathiala to Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar : 20 Kms
Distance from Thathiala to Chandigarh : 150 Kms
Climate/Weather in Thathiala Village
Weather in January : Cold
Weather in April : Hot
Weather in July : Hot
Weather in October : Semi

Posted by Sarpanch on 2014-08-02

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