Hanootiya Khurd

Hanootiya Khurd is a Village in Jaipur district of Rajasthan, India. It falls under Phagi Tehsil. Hanootiya Khurd population in 2019 is between 985 and 1218 and total households residing are 186.

Hanootiya Khurd Population

Hanootiya Khurd population 2019
The Hanootiya Khurd Village located in Phagi Tehsil, 1015 People are living in this Village, 544 are males and 471 are females as per 2011 census. Expected Hanootiya Khurd population 2019 is between 985 and 1218. Literate people are 704 out of 411 are male and 293 are female. People living in Hanootiya Khurd depend on multiple skills, total workers are 460 out of which men are 275 and women are 185. Total 315 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 226 are cultivated by men and 89 are women. 4 people works in agricultural land as a labour in Hanootiya Khurd, men are 2 and 2 are women.

Hanootiya Khurd agricultural crops are wheat with the water being sourced for this land from well & handpumps. Hanootiya Khurd people enjoy the foods like wheat and celebrate the festivals like diwali and holi. Nearby Schools to this village are/in govt schools of didawata, Colleges around this place are/in pvt. college at gopal pura. Available Hospitals to the people living in this place are pvt hospitals at vansthali and newai. They do daily shopping in the markets of newai & phagi. Temples around this place are traditional temples of jhujhar ji maharaj.

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Hanootiya Khurd barchart on population, literacy, workers & households

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Population of Hanootiya Khurd(2011 Census)


Hanootiya Khurd Info

Village Crops : wheat
Village Crop Water : well & handpumps
Village Foods : wheat
Village Festivals : diwali and holi
Nearby Schools : govt schools of didawata
Nearby Colleges : pvt. college at gopal pura
Nearby Hospitals : pvt hospitals at vansthali and newai
Nearby Markets : newai & phagi
Nearby Temples : traditional temples of jhujhar ji maharaj
Banks, PO Nearby : gramin bank at dabich
Main Trade in Hanootiya Khurd : doing farming at village .
Hanootiya Khurd Sarpanch : mrs. rampati chaudhary
Tehsil President : phagi
Status of Water Source : well & handpump and regulary water suply via govt.
Status of Village Roads : good
Status of Electricity : good
Status of Water & Sanitation : no
Status of Health Problems : average
Main Transport : roadways and private trasports
Distance from Hanootiya Khurd to Phagi Tehsil : 24
Distance from Hanootiya Khurd to Jaipur : 74
Distance from Hanootiya Khurd to Jaipur : 74
Climate/Weather in Hanootiya Khurd Village
Weather in January : 23 ℃
Weather in April : 34 ℃
Weather in July : 40 ℃
Weather in October : 36 ℃

Posted by sardar singh on 2016-01-20

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My village is good Parsons
Issues on Electricity in hanootiya_khurd, phagi Tehsil, District

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i am sardar singh i love to my village hanutiya khurd due to best culture
hanootiya_khurd, phagi Tehsil, District

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my name is sardar singh, i lived in hanutiya khurd,my village total Population atleast 1500 - 1700 member,my village general language is marwadi and hindi,my village have a upper primary school with 5 staff,my village link to pradhan mantri gram sadak yojna sadak though linked from jaipur to hanutiya khurd,for trevell only 1 roadways bus run up hanutiya to jaipur at morning 6 am
hanootiya_khurd, phagi Tehsil, District