Dhamadi Ka Pura

Dhamadi Ka Pura is a Village in Karauli district of Rajasthan, India. It falls under Nadoti Tehsil. Dhamadi Ka Pura village has a population of 671 of which Males are 353 and Females are 318. Total Households in this Dhamadi Ka Pura are 137.
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Nearby Schools to this village are/in Govt Primary School Badi Dhamari, Colleges around this place are/in Nadoti. Available Hospitals to the people living in this place are Kemari.
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Dhamadi Ka Pura Demographics in Nadoti Tehsil, Karauli district

Dhamadi Ka Pura info graph
The Dhamadi Ka Pura information graph explains 671 People are living in this Village, 353 are Male and 318 are female as per 2011 census. Expected population of Dhamadi Ka Pura in 2018 is between 651 and 739. Literate people are 370 out of 230 are male and 140 are female. People living in Dhamadi Ka Pura depend on multiple skills, total workers are 272 out of which men are 114 and women are 158. Total 85 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 79 are cultivated by men and 6 are women.

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Population of Dhamadi Ka Pura


Dhamadi Ka Pura Info

Nearby Schools : Govt Primary School Badi Dhamari
Nearby Colleges : Nadoti
Nearby Hospitals : Kemari
Dhamadi Ka Pura Sarpanch : Mr Han Raj Khatana
Status of Village Roads : poor
Status of Electricity : poor
Distance from Dhamadi Ka Pura to Nadoti Tehsil : 4 km

Posted by Mahender Singh Khatana on 2015-10-08

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