Kota District

Kota is a district in Rajasthan state in india.

Tehsils of Kota District


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Issues on development in haripura
About pipalda Kota District   said on
सर हमारे गांव के कुए की स्थिति बहुत ही बदहाल हे। कुए की सफाई और रेलिंग की आवश्यकता हे इसमें पहले भी मवेशी गिर चुके हे और मुंडेर क्षतिग्रस्त हे
Issues on transportation in bambooliya_kalan
About pipalda Kota District   said on
We need a bridge over chambal river to connect itawa and lathering to reduce this distance from 90 kms to 10 kms. If this bridge near makhida village is constructed the capital jaipur will be 193 kms which is now 350 kms