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Kuchur is a Village in Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu, India. It falls under Kattumannarkoil Taluk. Kuchur population in 2019/2020 is between 914 and 1,130 and total households residing are 214.

Kuchur population 2019/2020
The Kuchur Village located in Kattumannarkoil Taluk, 942 People are living in this Village, 497 are males and 445 are females as per 2011 census. Expected Kuchur population 2019/2020 is between 914 and 1,130. Literate people are 767 out of 434 are male and 333 are female. People living in Kuchur depend on multiple skills, total workers are 379 out of which men are 259 and women are 120. Total 16 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 15 are cultivated by men and 1 are women. 2 people works in agricultural land as a labour in Kuchur, men are 2 and 0 are women.
Kuchur agricultural crops are going goood with the water being sourced for this land from good. Kuchur people enjoy the foods like idly and celebrate the festivals like Mariyaman temple. Nearby Schools to this village are/in kuchur, Colleges around this place are/in kattumannarkoil. Available Hospitals to the people living in this place are ayangudi. People in Kuchur and around this locations enjoy their entertainment in cinema theatres like/in chidambaram. They do daily shopping in the markets of kattumannarkoil. Temples around this place are kattumannarkoil.
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Kuchur barchart on population, literacy, workers & households

Population of Kuchur(2011 Census)


Kuchur Info

Village Crops : going goood
Village Crop Water : good
Village Foods : idly
Village Festivals : Mariyaman temple
Nearby Schools : kuchur
Nearby Colleges : kattumannarkoil
Nearby Hospitals : ayangudi
Nearby Cinemas : chidambaram
Nearby Markets : kattumannarkoil
Nearby Temples : kattumannarkoil
Taluk President : S. Ganasmoorthy
Status of Water Source : good
Distance from Kuchur to Kattumannarkoil Taluk : 3 KM
Distance from Kuchur to Cuddalore : 70 KM
Distance from Kuchur to Chennai : 250 KM
Climate/Weather in Kuchur Village
Weather in January : 35 ℃
Weather in April : 45 ℃
Weather in July : 40 ℃
Weather in October : 35 ℃

Posted by Satheeshkumar on 2013-08-13

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very very bad environmentalist my village and panchayathu president very very bad
Issues on Electricity in kuchur, kattumannarkoil Taluk, District