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Krishnagiri Population Statistics(2011)

Krishnagiri Population

Krishnagiri district population 2019, households, workers, literate, area, census and language in Tamil Nadu
The Krishnagiri information graph explains 1879809 People are living in this disctrict, 960232 are Male and 919577 are female as per 2011 census. Expected population of Krishnagiri in 2019 is between 1823415 and 2443752. Literate people are 1187958 out of 667062 are male and 520896 are female. People living in Krishnagiri depend on multiple skills, total workers are 877779 out of which men are 561634 and women are 316145. Total 218600 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 140846 are cultivated by men and 77754 are women. 197369 people works in agricultural land as a labour in Krishnagiri, men are 102113 and 95256 are women.

Geography of Krishnagiri
Languages spoken are Tamil
The Krishnagiri average altitude (elevation) 631 meters above sealevel.
Population Density of Krishnagiri : 370 per sq km
District Official website :

The Nearest Airport to Krishnagiri is Salem Airport.The Collectorate office for this district is District Collector office, and other popular district head offices are District Employment Office, District Registrar Office, District Court of Krishnagiri, The nearby Fire service for this district is Fire Station. The District Library is District Central Library.The Head Post office for this district is in Krishnagiri Head Post Office. and the Railway Station is Marandahalli Railway Station (station).

Krishnagiri District Nearest Airport:
Salem Airport
Airport Road, Kamalapuram, Salem, Tamil Nadu 636309, India
0427 301 3000
Krishnagiri District Fire Station:
Fire Station
Barghur-Thirupathur Rd, Bargur, Tamil Nadu 635104, India
Krishnagiri District Libraries:
District Central Library
Londenpet, Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu 635002, India
Timings: 0930 - 1830 (open now)

Krishnagiri District Head POST OFFICE:
Krishnagiri Head Post Office
Telephone Exchange Rd, Veerappa Nagar, Old Pet, Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu 635001, India
Timings: 0930 - 1730 (open now)

04343 236 808
Krishnagiri District Railway Zone:
Marandahalli Railway Station
C D Bettam, Tamil Nadu 636806, India
Krishnagiri District Collectorate Office:
District Collector office
Collectorate Rd, Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu 635115, India
04343 239 500
Krishnagiri District Offices:
District Employment Office
TB Rd, Old Pet, Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu 635001, India
Timings: 0930 - 1730 (open now)

04343 236 189
District Registrar Office
Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu 635001, India
Timings: 0930 - 1730 (open now)

District Court of Krishnagiri
Combined Court Building Complex, Rayakottai Road, Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu 635001, India
Timings: 0930 - 1730 (open now)

04343 225 078

Taluks of Krishnagiri District

Krishnagiri District Map
Krishnagiri District Taluks Map

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Development in sevaganapalli
Hosur, Krishnagiri District   said on
Want to know property prices got one to sell it.please reply Thanks
Issues of keeimathur
Uthangarai, Krishnagiri District   said on
yes i say that about my village, my village name is keelmathur (கீழ்மத்தூர்) not keeimathur(கீய்மத்தூர்). please change the name in your database (kumanan pattabiraman)