Thimmapuram is a Village in Virudhunagar district in Tamil Nadu, India. It falls under Kariapatti Taluk.

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Thimmapuram Info

Village Crops : Paddy,Cotton,Sugarcane,Ground Nut and Onion
Village Crop Water : Wells, Pond and Stream
Village Foods : Rice
Village Festivals : Sri Vellachi Amman Temple Festival
Nearby Schools : Government Middle School, Government Higher Secondary School
Nearby Colleges : Sethu Institute of College, NagaSiva Polytechnic,Nasia Arts and Science College
Nearby Hospitals : Primary Health Care Center Mustakurichi, Government Hospital Kariapatty
Nearby Cinemas : Madurai Thangam theatre
Nearby Markets : Karipatty
Nearby Temples : Vellachi amman temple, Murugan temple TPM
Thimmapuram Sarpanch : M.Lakshmanan
Taluk President : Kandhasamy Thevar
Status of Water Source : Indivudual Power Pump, Thamirabarani water,
Status of Village Roads : Not fair, damaged
Status of Electricity : good
Status of Water & Sanitation : Yes More content of Calcium
Status of Health Problems : kidney Diseases
Main Transport : Government Bus, Jayavilas Privatebus
Distance from Thimmapuram to Kariapatti Taluk : 15 KM
Distance from Thimmapuram to Virudhunagar : 35 KM
Distance from Thimmapuram to Chennai : 510 KM
Climate/Weather in Thimmapuram Village
Weather in January : winter
Weather in April : Hot
Weather in July : hot
Weather in October : Rain

Posted by Palanikkumar on 2013-11-25

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  said on

lot of water problem in thimmapuram.espicially summerno water avaliable.
Issues on Drinking Water in thimmapuram, dwaraka_tirumala Taluk, District

  said on

my village
thimmapuram, jaji_reddi_gudem Taluk, District