Bejjur is a Village and Mandal in Adilabad district of Telangana, India. Bejjur village has a population of 4990 of which Males are 2518 and Females are 2472. Total Households in this Bejjur are 1047.
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Bejjur agricultural crops are paddy. soya, cotton, etc. with the water being sourced for this land from spring anicut (mathadi), gollabai, bol cheru, nagula cheru,etc. Bejjur people enjoy the foods like Rice and celebrate the festivals like akhdi, tholi ekadasi, nagula panchami, polala, vinayakachvithi, dassera, deepavali, sankranthi, holi, ugadi etc.. Nearby Schools to this village are/in zpss bejjue, kasturiba gandhi girls vidyalayam, traible girls school, and mpps schools., Colleges around this place are/in govt junior collage bejjur. Available Hospitals to the people living in this place are primary Health center bejjur, Ayurveda Hospital bejjur.. People in Bejjur and around this locations enjoy their entertainment in cinema theatres like/in kaghaznagar venkataramana theater 70 kms.. They do daily shopping in the markets of bejjur, salugupalli. weekly markets.. Temples around this place are Sri Ranganayaka, loard shiva,Hanuman temple bejjur..

This village is very poor in Education and agriculture, and poverty is ruling in this village and mandal people..

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Bejjur Demographics in Bejjur Mandal, Adilabad district

Bejjur info graph
The Bejjur information graph explains 5154 People are living in this Village, 2499 are Male and 2655 are female as per 2011 census. Expected population of Bejjur in 2018 is between 5000 and 5670. Literate people are 2078 out of 1213 are male and 865 are female. People living in Bejjur depend on multiple skills, total workers are 2853 out of which men are 1523 and women are 1330. Total 343 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 227 are cultivated by men and 116 are women. 503 people works in agricultural land as a labour in Bejjur, men are 247 and 256 are women.

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Population of Bejjur


Bejjur Info

Village Crops : paddy. soya, cotton, etc.
Village Crop Water : spring anicut (mathadi), gollabai, bol cheru, nagula cheru,etc
Village Foods : Rice
Village Festivals : akhdi, tholi ekadasi, nagula panchami, polala, vinayakachvithi, dassera, deepavali, sankranthi, holi, ugadi etc.
Nearby Schools : zpss bejjue, kasturiba gandhi girls vidyalayam, traible girls school, and mpps schools.
Nearby Colleges : govt junior collage bejjur
Nearby Hospitals : primary Health center bejjur, Ayurveda Hospital bejjur.
Nearby Cinemas : kaghaznagar venkataramana theater 70 kms.
Nearby Markets : bejjur, salugupalli. weekly markets.
Nearby Temples : Sri Ranganayaka, loard shiva,Hanuman temple bejjur.
Banks, PO Nearby : telangana Deccan grameena bank, branch post office bejjur
Main Trade in Bejjur : general business,
Bejjur Sarpanch : Sarpanch Smt Peddala Sugsuna
Mandal President : tahsildar: Mr. Shyamsundar
Status of Water Source : average. most people dependent on flowin river water of mathadi vagu.
Status of Village Roads : very,very bad, in rain session roads like Ploughing in an irrigated field, in witer session dust-full roads appearing.
Status of Electricity : average. when the sarpanches is elected newly then only arranged street light, but then after nobody can show interest to arrange to street light.
Status of Water & Sanitation : Water/Sanitation Problems are more in this village. the gram panchyath rulers are forgetting about this problem.
Status of Health Problems : malaria, Typhoid, T.B, Fever, Stomach pains, joint pains,etc
Main Transport : government bus's
Distance from Bejjur to Bejjur Mandal : -
Distance from Bejjur to Adilabad : 300 KM
Distance from Bejjur to Hyderabad (Shared) : 370 kms
Climate/Weather in Bejjur Village
Weather in January : VERY COOL
Weather in April : VERY HOT
Weather in July : Heavy rain
Weather in October : NORMAL

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