Nidjinta is a Village in Mahabubnagar district of Telangana, India. It falls under Maddur Mandal. Nidjinta population in 2019 is between 3721 and 4604 and total households residing are 691.

Nidjinta Population

Nidjinta population 2019
The Nidjinta Village located in Maddur Mandal, 3836 People are living in this Village, 1905 are males and 1931 are females as per 2011 census. Expected Nidjinta population 2019 is between 3721 and 4604. Literate people are 1588 out of 995 are male and 593 are female. People living in Nidjinta depend on multiple skills, total workers are 2184 out of which men are 1069 and women are 1115. Total 563 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 435 are cultivated by men and 128 are women. 728 people works in agricultural land as a labour in Nidjinta, men are 213 and 515 are women.

Nidjinta agricultural crops are Paddy, Jowar, Ragi Bajra, Vegetables,ect with the water being sourced for this land from There are no major water sources for the village,former's dependent on their bore wells.. Nidjinta people enjoy the foods like Dal Rice and celebrate the festivals like Gattumeedi jarata,marla jatara,euvaka pornami,dasara. Nearby Schools to this village are/in ZPHS, Colleges around this place are/in Govt college Maddur. Available Hospitals to the people living in this place are Kosgi Govt hospital. People in Nidjinta and around this locations enjoy their entertainment in cinema theatres like/in Maddur Theatre. They do daily shopping in the markets of Maddur on every Thrusday (Major Markets) Suday Kosgi Market. Temples around this place are Shivalayam temple & Anjaneya temple aprt from this No major temples in the village.

We Often say that, village development is very crucial & we keep on telling saying agriculture is a backbone of the country.But how many politicians are looking into the village development and former's and poor people needs.People in poor condition in magabubnagar and their life style is cannot be described. Govt need to pay their attention towards the villages immediately. There is no improvement in this village interms of Education,minimum needs of people,water sources,life style,health.

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Nidjinta barchart on population, literacy, workers & households

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Population of Nidjinta(2011 Census)


Nidjinta Info

Village Crops : Paddy, Jowar, Ragi Bajra, Vegetables,ect
Village Crop Water : There are no major water sources for the village,former's dependent on their bore wells.
Village Foods : Dal Rice
Village Festivals : Gattumeedi jarata,marla jatara,euvaka pornami,dasara
Nearby Schools : ZPHS
Nearby Colleges : Govt college Maddur
Nearby Hospitals : Kosgi Govt hospital
Nearby Cinemas : Maddur Theatre
Nearby Markets : Maddur on every Thrusday (Major Markets) Suday Kosgi Market
Nearby Temples : Shivalayam temple & Anjaneya temple aprt from this No major temples in the village
Banks, PO Nearby : SBI Maddur
Main Trade in Nidjinta : Selling rice,depending on paddy fields
Nidjinta Sarpanch : Rajasekhar Reddy L
Mandal President : Maddur 08505 289428 9000101473
Status of Water Source : Bore wells
Status of Village Roads : Poor
Status of Electricity : Poor
Status of Water & Sanitation : Poor
Status of Health Problems : There were no major hopitals to take care of villagers health concerns which is the major draw back....very tough to save their live when having health issues...need TS govt intervention immediately on these issues.
Main Transport : TS RTC & Public transportation
Distance from Nidjinta to Maddur Mandal : 7km
Distance from Nidjinta to Mahabubnagar : 45km
Distance from Nidjinta to Hyderabad (Shared) : 138km
Climate/Weather in Nidjinta Village
Weather in January : 39 ℃
Weather in April : 41 ℃
Weather in July : 41 ℃
Weather in October : 33 ℃

Posted by Ashok,K on 2016-08-27

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I belongs to this village,however i wound not want to reveal that its my village.Politicians talk about Golden Telangana,just look at this village condition as it is like complete Mahabubnagar which is in a poor condition from many years. Ruling parties changed,MLA's changed,IAS officers changed,but nobody is successful in changing the villages so for... Concerns of my village: 1)Drinking water is still a concern from past 30 years 2)No Proper electricity for fields 3)Very Poor Roads 4)No Colleges 5)Not even single major medical store availabe 6)No proper street lights still now
Issues on Development in nidjinta, maddur Mandal, District

Population(2019) est.3721 - 4604
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