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Kangti is a Town and Mandal in Medak district in Telangana, India.

Kangti Nearby Places like are Siddeshwar Temple, MeeSeva Center, Subhash Chowk, Naavi Thanda Bus Stop, Chikli Lake, Nagur B, Sirgapur Police Station, Enkemoori Baliram Maruthi Agriculture Land, Government School, Chikli (J), Hanuman Mandir, Chikli (J), Gurukula Pathasala
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Villages of Kangti Mandal

The Panchayats of Kangti Mandal in Medak district are Listed below. Total Number of Villages are 33.
Kangti Villages List

Kangti : Agricultural crops are patti,pesari,togarlu,minumulu,shengalu,jonnalu and source of water for this land from rane water,bhavi ,bors.. Kangti people often enjoy the village foods like polelu,pankam,rottelu,perugu. and festivals we celebrate like sidheswar temple jathara,. Schools to this village are/in navajyothi vidhyalayam,kangti and Colleges nearer to this place are/in s.v degree collage pitlam.. Hospitals available to the people living are M.P.H.C KANGTI,C.H.C NARAYANKHED,D.H.C BIDAR KA.. People in Kangti and nearby places of this location enjoy their entertainment in cinema theatres like/in SUVARNA & VENKATESWARA 70MM A/C NARAYANKHED.VENKATESWARA PITLAM,MAHESWARI BANSWADA,NZB.SWAPNA BIDAR,. They do daily and frequent shopping in the markets of NARAYANKHED,BIDAR,PITLAM,AURAD,BICHKUNDA. Nearby Temples of this place are SIDHESWAR TEMPLE KANGTI,EMPALLY TADKAL,JARNA BIDAR,PAPNASH BIDAR,AMARESWAR TEMPLE AURAD,. More about Kangti

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  said on

From nkd to hyd somany buses are there but from tadkal to hyd no buses are there ,please concentrate on sending the buses to nook villages
Comment about Kangti Mandal on Transportation Problem

  said on

Roads from kangti to tadkal and tadkal to ghanapur so worest ,so many times altered with more govt funds but no one concentrating on that , please sir ,verify that who are doing like that
Comment about Kangti Mandal on Roads Problem

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Narayankhed nunchi wasar ku velle road akkadakada padaipoindhi. adhikarulu road vainchagalarani manavi.
About wasar Village, Kangti Mandal, Medak District on Roads Problem

  said on

sidheswar jathara baguntundi.april 26 jarugunu. kangti is super.
About kangti Village, Kangti Mandal, Medak District