Khanapur is a Town and Mandal in Warangal district of Telangana state in India. Total number of villages in this Mandal is 14. Telugu language is widely spoken in Khanapur. Khanapur Mandal sex ratio is 995 females per 1000 of males.

Khanapur Mandal Population

Khanapur population 2019, households, literacy and census
According to 2011 census total population of Khanapur is 32,186 people are living in this Mandal, of which 16,130 are male and 16,056 are female. Expected Population of Khanapur Mandal in 2019 is between 31,221 and 38,624. Literate people are 16,549 out of 9,727 are male and 6,822 are female. Total workers are 17,147 depends on multi skills out of which 9,035 are men and 8,112 are women. Total 4,406 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 3,128 are cultivated by men and 1,278 are women. 7,275 people works in agricultural land as a labour in Khanapur, men are 3,063 and 4,212 are women.

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Khanapur Nearby Places like are Maskapur, Sri Manikanta Marbles,, State Bank of India, SBH ATM, Mandal Revenue Office, Chalivendram, MeeSeva Center, State Bank of Hyderabad, Laxmi Theatre, JK Function Hall, Bharath Hotel, Tirumala Rice Mill, Bharathi Bharatha Vidyanikethan, Udipi Hotel, SBI ATM, Jangal Hanuman Temple, Alankaar Hair Saloon, Water Tank, Telangana Statue, Dilwarpur,
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Khanapur Mandal Villages List

List of Towns and Villages in Khanapur Mandal. Total Number of Villages in this Mandal are 14.

Rajhamundry was famous for the anicut built across Godavari River by Sir Arthur Cotton, The Project was commenced on 14th April 1852. So far this project has a capacity to irrigate East and West Godavari districts a total of 17 Lakh acres.

Here is the story how dowleshwaram project was initated?
In the first quarter of 1800 the population in east and west is around 7,38,000. that is the time when the agriculture was affected by floods and the subsequent draught in 1833 left the districts with out proper food and drinking water. The British used to collect tax of Rs. 18,72,000 rupees with the total irrigation of around 80,000 acres. However by 1842 the collection of revenue was 16,13,000 so it went down. the population of the districts went down and reduced to 5,61,000 due to migration of people because of the draught and farming was a bad hit and people started to moving to other districts. Then the british authorities appointed Sir Arthur Cotton to investigate and review the situation and he came up with a report in 1845 suggesting that if the irrigation system will put people in place with good yeild of crops. Then the British authorities had immediately approved Cotton's Recommendations and ordered construction of a barrage accross Godavari River. By 1847 Arthur Cotton has the plan and the funds to expeidate the project. He put around 1500 workers and the system to work round the clock and plan to complete by 1850. In the year 1848 Arthur Cotton was sick and he went to Australia and handed over the work to Captain Orr. In 1850 Cotton returned to India after treatment and found the construction of dowleshwaram barrage is going slow and did not met the timelines. He suceeded in completing the magnificient project of 3.645 KM (11958 feet) Barrage on River Godavari in 1852 connecting east and west godavari districts. The Land brought under irrigation after this project till now is above 15 lakh acres.

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Banks in Khanapur:
State Bank of Hyderabad, Khanapur Branch/ Atm
Khanapur, Telangana 504203, India
State Bank of India
Khanapur, Telangana 504203, India
1800 11 2211
Red Cross Bank
Khanapur, Telangana 504203, India
Money Transfer Service
Khanapur, Telangana 504203, India
Timings: : 0800 - 2000 (closed)
Khanapur, Telangana 504203, India
Timings: : 0800 - 2000 (closed)
The List of Banks for the Khanapur population are State Bank of Hyderabad, Khanapur Branch/ Atm, State Bank of India, Red Cross Bank, Money Transfer Service, ADCC Bank.
Cinema Theatres in Khanapur:
Pundarikam Cinema Hall
Mallapur, Telangana 505331, India
Laxmi 70 mm Cinema Hall
.Padmavathi Nagar, Khanapur, Telangana 504203, India
094408 73222
The Cinema Theatres for the Khanapur are Pundarikam Cinema Hall, Laxmi 70 mm Cinema Hall.
Colleges in Khanapur:
Deeksha Junior College
Near Mini Tank Bund, Appala Complex, Nirmal, Telangana 504106, India
089785 03080
Nandana Degree College
Nirmal (Post and Vilage), 5-11-100-2, Priyadarshini Nagar, Nirmal, Telangana 504106, India
Deeksha Degree College
Bupawarpet, Adilabad, NH-44, Nizmabad Nirmal Road, Nirmal, Nirmal, Telangana 504106, India
Timings: : 1000 - 1600 (closed)

083320 07080
ఆపూర్వ ఎంబీఏ కళాశాల
Bhupathipoor Rd, Bhupatipur, Telangana 505460, India
Timings: : 1000 - 1600 (closed)
Govt. Degree College, Nirmal
Nirmal - Mancherial Rd, AP Housing Board Colony, Venkatapur Rural, Telangana 504105, India
Timings: : 1000 - 1700 (closed)
Vashista Digree and PG College
NH 222, Eidgoan, Nirmal, Telangana 504106, India
Timings: : 1000 - 1700 (closed)
Panchsheel Colleges,Gajulpet Nirmal
Gajulpet, Nirmal, Telangana 504106, India
Timings: : 0800 - 1600 (closed)

087342 45951
Karimala Junior College
Nirmal - Mancherial Rd, Jannaram, Telangana 504205, India
Timings: : 0800 - 1600 (closed)
Jannaram, Telangana 504205, India
Timings: : 0800 - 1600 (closed)
The Colleges List of Khanapur are Deeksha Junior College, Nandana Degree College, Deeksha Degree College, ఆపూర్వ ఎంబీఏ కళాశాల, Govt. Degree College, Nirmal, Vashista Digree and PG College, Panchsheel Colleges,Gajulpet Nirmal, Karimala Junior College, Govt ITI JANNARAM.
Hospitals in Khanapur:
Shanmukha Hospital
Jiya Functional Hall Road, Opp Bus Stand, Khanapur, Telangana 504203, India
089851 60990
Amrutha Hospital
Khanapur, Telangana 504203, India
veterinary hospital
Khanapur, Telangana 504203, India
094414 03167
Manisai Hospital
opp:, SBI office, Rajiv Gandhi IT Expy, Padmavathy Nagar, Sholinganallur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600119, India
085200 02829
Geetha Clinic
Khanapur, Telangana, India
096527 66885
Dr. Kiran Kumar Hospital
Dr. Kiran Kumar Hospital, Khanapur, Telangana 504203, India
Svr Hospital
Khanapur, Telangana 504203, India
Governament Hospital Khanapur
Khanapur, Telangana 504203, India
094418 38500
Khaja hospital
Khanapur, Telangana 504203, India
094401 01166
Government Hospital
Government Hospital, Khanapur, Telangana 504203, India
The List of Hospitals for the people of Khanapur are Shanmukha Hospital, Amrutha Hospital, veterinary hospital, Manisai Hospital, Geetha Clinic, Dr. Kiran Kumar Hospital, Svr Hospital, Governament Hospital Khanapur, Khaja hospital, Government Hospital.
Hotels in Khanapur:
Sri DhanaLaxmi Geetha Bhavan
Khanapur, Telangana 504203, India
098665 75869
Rajasthan Hotel
Khanapur, Telangana 504203, India
Hotel Haripriya
Khanapur, Telangana 504203, India
Khanapur, Telangana 504203, India
The List of Hotels for the people visiting Khanapur are Sri DhanaLaxmi Geetha Bhavan, Rajasthan Hotel, Hotel Haripriya, RandB GUEST HOUSE.
Schools in Khanapur:
Huda High School
Khanapur, Telangana 504203, India
Hanuman Mandir Primary School
Hanuman Mandir Primary School, Khanapur, Telangana 504203, India
Timmapur Government Primary School
Khanapur, Telangana 504203, India
Raghavendra Public School
Raghavendra Public School, Khanapur, Telangana 504203, India
Bharathi Bharatha Vidyanikethan
Bharathi Bharatha Vidyanikethan, Khanapur, Telangana 504203, India
Govt High School
vidynagar, Vidya Nagar, Hubballi, Karnataka, India
099899 03759
Khanapur, Telangana, India
096768 50665
Govt Upper Primary High School
Govt Upper Primary High School, Khanapur, Telangana 504203, India
The Schools List of Khanapur are Huda High School, Hanuman Mandir Primary School, Timmapur Government Primary School, Raghavendra Public School, Bharathi Bharatha Vidyanikethan, Govt High School, HOLY FAITH CONVENT SCHOOL, Govt Upper Primary High School.

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To The government of telangana iam akhil naik from 4-62/1 najithanda mangalvaripet khanapur warangal Sir our najithanda was found before fiftyyears but still we are facing transportation problems we don\'t have rood facility we should walk 1.6km to reach main rood so kindly grant us rood facility for more information plz call me Sir thanking you sabavath akhil naik cell 9640173500
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