Peddakodepaka is a Village in Warangal district of Telangana, India. It falls under Shayampet Mandal.

Peddakodepaka Village is located in Shayampet Mandal of Warangal district in Telangana, India. Location code or village code of Peddakodepaka is 1.

Peddakodepaka agricultural crops are average with the water being sourced for this land from poor. Peddakodepaka people enjoy the foods like rice,cotton and celebrate the festivals like shivarathri. Nearby Schools to this village are/in zphs school, Colleges around this place are/in parkal. Available Hospitals to the people living in this place are parkal or warangal. People in Peddakodepaka and around this locations enjoy their entertainment in cinema theatres like/in parkal. They do daily shopping in the markets of parkal. Temples around this place are warangal.


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Post Office

The Post Office for Peddakodepaka is post Office located at Shyampet Singaram Road, Shayampet, Telangana 506319, India.

Peddakodepaka Info

Village Crops : average
Village Crop Water : poor
Village Foods : rice,cotton
Village Festivals : shivarathri
Nearby Schools : zphs school
Nearby Colleges : parkal
Nearby Hospitals : parkal or warangal
Nearby Cinemas : parkal
Nearby Markets : parkal
Nearby Temples : warangal
Banks, PO Nearby : parkal
Main Trade in Peddakodepaka : all are same
Status of Water Source : poor
Status of Village Roads : poor
Status of Electricity : poor
Status of Water & Sanitation : more
Status of Health Problems : normal
Main Transport : via parkal
Distance from Peddakodepaka to Shayampet Mandal : 5 km
Distance from Peddakodepaka to Warangal : 35km
Distance from Peddakodepaka to Hyderabad (Shared) : 180km

Posted by dasari sambaiah visakha on 2014-11-28

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