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Barabanki Population Statistics(2011)

Barabanki Population

Barabanki district population 2019, households, workers and language in Uttar Pradesh
As per census Barabanki has a population of 3,260,699 in 2011 out of which 1,707,073 are male and 1,553,626 are female. Expected population of Barabanki in 2019 is between 3,619,376 and 4,238,909. Literate people are 1,692,458 out of 1,010,518 are male and 681,940 are female. People living in Barabanki depend on multiple skills, total workers are 1,192,850 out of which men are 871,241 and women are 321,609. Total 385,472 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 332,055 are cultivated by men and 53,417 are women. 226,170 people works in agricultural land as labor, men are 170,454 and 55,716 are women.

Geography of Barabanki
Languages spoken are Hindi

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Development in chakaura
Haidergarh, Barabanki District   said on
Respected sir, Still this village waiting for industrial development,education road and electricity are the main concern of this village. Young generation is more attracted towards mobile , laptop, and computer technology these days. If bank and finance institution provoid loan and financial support to the villagers this village will see the real development. Medical and health has to be improved. Thanks
Issues on electricity in chakaura
Haidergarh, Barabanki District   said on
सर यहाँ पर हर रोज लाइट की स्म्म्स्या होती हाँ कबी तआर तो कभी फ़्यूज़
Issues of dafarpur
Fatehpur, Barabanki District   said on
Maine apke bank me complain Ki phir bhi mera otp. No Ni aaya h mere resisted mob. No pr pls mere problem solve kre
Issues on electricity in pokharni
Fatehpur, Barabanki District   said on
I am resident of village Pokharni.There is very serious problem of Electricity.due to this problem villagers suffers and many childrens have no updation with modern technology. please do the needed. Regards, Somu Singh
Issues on electricity in chakaura
Haidergarh, Barabanki District   said on
यहाँ आज तक किसी के घर मेँ कनेक्शन नहीँ हैँ।