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Alamkhatopur, Sakaldiha Tehsil, Chandauli District data has updated

Population of Chandauli : 1952713

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Issues on development in thatwa
About chakia Chandauli District   said on
There are many problems such as roads ,health ,transportation communication.
Issues on agriculture & irrigation in sadapur
About chakia Chandauli District   said on
Below issues need to be addressed immediately: 1. No proper irrigation system in place and most of the population of the village is totally dependent on agriculture.
General problems in
About sakaldiha Chandauli District   said on
I belongs to Bathavar village which is in sakaldiha tehsil . Tehsil administration of sakaldiha is very lethargic, as I have felt in my one problem which is still pending with tehsil administration , sakaldiha. There is much more improvement required in sakaldiha.