Premapur Khurd

Premapur Khurd is a Village in Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh, India. It falls under Chunar Tehsil.

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Premapur Khurd agricultural crops are good crop production with the water being sourced for this land from yes. and celebrate the festivals like Dipawali,holi. Nearby Schools to this village are/in Happy model school,kurahuan varanasi Cbse school and primery school They do daily shopping in the markets of mangraha. Temples around this place are chandrika temple,sitla in adalpura.

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Premapur Khurd Info

Village Crops : good crop production
Village Crop Water : yes
Village Festivals : Dipawali,holi
Nearby Schools : Happy model school,kurahuan varanasi Cbse school and primery school
Nearby Markets : mangraha
Nearby Temples : chandrika temple,sitla in adalpura
Main Trade in Premapur Khurd : crops
Premapur Khurd Sarpanch : Chamela devi
Status of Water Source : not so good
Status of Village Roads : very poor
Status of Electricity : not so good
Status of Water & Sanitation : iron ki matra adhik
Status of Health Problems : no any hospital in this village
Main Transport : no any govt. transport people transoptation by self
Distance from Premapur Khurd to Chunar Tehsil : 8 km
Distance from Premapur Khurd to Mirzapur : 30km

Posted by gaurav on 2015-10-27

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  said on

respected sir , premapur me pani me iron ki mrtra adhik hone k karan yaha ki pani me jwada pilapan ata hai jo ye nuskan dayak hai aap se nivedan hai ki aap iske baare me kuch soche kyo ki isase bahot se bimari fail sakti hai your faithfully Gaurav sharma premapur mirzapur
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