Bankura is a district in West Bengal State of India. It has a total of 22 Blocks in this district. The district has an total area of 6,882 sq km. There are 12 towns and 241 villages in this district.

Bankura Population

Bankura district population 2019
As per census Bankura District has a population of 3,596,674 in 2011 out of which 1,838,095 are male and 1,758,579 are female. Population of Bankura District in 2019 is 3,830,349(estimates as per aadhar feb 2019 data). Literate people are 2,232,992 out of 1,299,337 are male and 933,655 are female. People living in Bankura District depend on multiple skills, total workers are 1,466,220 out of which men are 1,050,822 and women are 415,398. Total 238,179 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 226,414 are cultivated by men and 11,765 are women. 303,270 people works in agricultural land as labor, men are 219,998 and 83,272 are women. Bankura District sex ratio is 957 females per 1000 of males.

Bankura District District Rural and Urban Population

The district has an total area of 6,882 sq km., 90.47 sq km is urban and 6791.53 sq km is rural. Out of total population of 3,992,309 in the district, 299,773 are in urban area and 3,296,901 are in rural area. 65,743 households are in urban, 701,159 are in rural area. 230,340 literate people are in urban, 2,002,652 are in rural area.

Bankura Demographics
Languages are Bengali

The Nearest Airport to Bankura is Sonari Airport., and other popular district head offices are Office of the Executive Engineer,Bankura Division, DPSC Bankura, Bankura (North) Division., Bishnupur Treasury, SP Office Bankura, Regional Office, WBTDCC, Bankura, RTO Office Bankura, Bankura District Magistrate Office, Bajaj Finserv Ltd., The nearby Fire service for this district is Bankura Fire Station. The District Library is Bankura District Library. and the Railway Station is Bikna Railway Station (station).
Bankura Population Statistics(2011)

Bankura District Nearest Airport:
Sonari Airport
Airport Road, Sonari, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand 831011, India
0657 230 6775
Bankura District Fire Station:
Bankura Fire Station
Bankura, West Bengal 722101, India
03242 243 291
Bankura District Libraries:
Bankura District Library
Bankura, West Bengal, India
Bankura District Railway Zone:
Bikna Railway Station
091633 83923
Bankura District Offices:
Office of the Executive Engineer,Bankura Division
Bankura, West Bengal, India
Timings: 1000 - 1700 (closed)

DPSC Bankura
Vidya Bhaban, Machantala, Bankura, West Bengal 722101, India
Timings: 1000 - 1700 (closed)

03242 251 257
Bankura (North) Division.
Machantala, Bankura, West Bengal 722101, India
Timings: 1000 - 1700 (closed)

03242 250 758
Bishnupur Treasury
Bishnupur College Rd, Mayra Pukur, Bishnupur, West Bengal 722122, India
Timings: 1000 - 1700 (closed)

SP Office Bankura
Bankura, West Bengal, India
Timings: 1000 - 1700 (closed)

Regional Office, WBTDCC, Bankura
Paddapukur Palli, Bankura, West Bengal 722101, India
Timings: 1000 - 1700 (closed)

03242 250 713
RTO Office Bankura
Bankura, West Bengal 722101, India
Timings: 1000 - 1700 (closed)

Bankura District Magistrate Office
Administrative Building, Bankura Collectorate, Bankura, West Bengal 722101, India
Timings: 1030 - 1730 (closed)

03242 250 304
Bajaj Finserv Ltd.
Nutanganj Feeder Road, Bankura, West Bengal 722101, India
Timings: 1000 - 1700 (closed)

Bankura District Blocks List

Bankura District has total 22 Blocks, Below is the list of Bankura Blocks.

Bankura District Map
Bankura District Blocks Map

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Issues of kharika
Simlapal, Bankura District   said on
Wonderful to read about my ancestral village.
Issues of
Kotulpur, Bankura District   said on
Respected sir, I have request you to please spend few secends for a Physically Disabile Girl age-31 years Named- KATU RAJAK doughter of Debakar Rajak, village-Khayerboni, P.O.- Madanmohanpur P.S.-Kotulpur, Dist- Bankura , W.Bengal. At present resisding at Dhanbad as a Madeservent, She time to time came to her home at Khayerboni , the details of Katu Rajak furnish as above:- 1. NAME-------------- KATU RAJAK. 2. FATHERS NAME------------ DEBAKAR RAJAK. 3. MOTHERS NAME---- LATE SEBANE RAJAK. 4.DISABILITY CERTIFICATE NO-- BSMCH/H.B. KOTULPUR/ 291. DATED-16/03/2010. 5.VOTER CARD NO-------- WSU1553858 (J.L. NO- 26 MADANMOHANPUR)./without birth date. 6.BIRTH PLACE---------- AT HER VILLAGE HOME. That her Birth certificate does not issued due to she as step dougher of her present mother now she need to Birth Certificate for the purpose of PAN CARD and AADHAR CARD and rectifecation of voter card please help/advice to how to get it. Her old age father Debakar Rajak residing his village at Khayerboni several times attend at panchyet office for the above but no action taken by panchyet office. Sir, the above circumstances kindly take necessary action, I will ever grateful to you. Thanking you. D.N.Neogi. mob. 8986892117.
Issues of sukhadali
Sarenga, Bankura District   said on
Hi ! I'm from Sukhadali, its our beautiful village residing on the route between P.More 2 Sarenga. I love my village very much. :)
Drinking water problems in salbani
Bankura_ii, Bankura District   said on
this is a big village.but, have not sufficient develop in this area. so, i' m try to development in salboni.
Drinking water problems in birchandrapur
Sonamukhi, Bankura District   said on
Drinking water quality is very Poor. here 65% people suffering by digestion. and 2-4 % attack by Cancer. Need external Rural piped Water Supply Coverage.
Roads request in rajudi
Indpur, Bankura District   said on
road is very very poor condition.
Issues of maji_pushkarini
Kotulpur, Bankura District   said on
i am once visit this village be this is my any one help me visit this village,i am very happy.
Health problems in dubrajpur
Simlapal, Bankura District   said on
There is a hospital named Hatibari new P H C but no doctor is staying here. Becaus, hospital has no boundary wall. There is want of security. The main road for going to dist. town is 10 km away from Dubrajpur and the condition of the road is very very bad. This dubrajpur vill is in jangl mahal. But the development work of the vill. is neglected. During this era of our beloved party TMC no district level leader came here and not even think of the vll. I am sorry to say that I am the president of Dubrajpur anchal TMC committee.
Roads request in gopal_nagar
Saltora, Bankura District   said on
in our village road is veri risky to travel with mini bus or car. and til today no hospital or doctor is avelable upto five kilometer area, drinking water is mejore problem. unemployed still problem for every family in our village.
Issues of
About Bankura District   said on
I always love my village.I\'m Saroj Kumar Kar from Anturi Bana village which is located under Chhatna block of Bankura Dist .Electricity supply is very good,but some problems of my village like drinking water,health and communication
Issues of kanuri
Saltora, Bankura District   said on
I am sudip chatterjee from this village,kanuri which is located under saltor block of bankura dist.The whole things is nt well. There is no any good communication.. Only two bus daily run on this route. Bt the roads are not well.we hava one subhealth centre but there is no available medicine to get at the right time. The culture,education in our village are good.. We have two big festivals,one Durga puja and the other Shib Gajon. Agriculture only depends on rainy season.there is no any alternative way. So that the still problems are solved as soon as possible..especially communication. Thanking you.
Issues of bondalhati
Sonamukhi, Bankura District   said on
It is nice village but because of the selfishness of the villagers it losts its glory.
Development in haryaki
Onda, Bankura District   said on
problem of village street,drinking water and health.
Issues of muktapur
Onda, Bankura District   said on
Issues of jirabaid
Simlapal, Bankura District   said on
My father was born here but left at the age of 11 to Jamshedpur, still have several pleasant unforgettable childhood memories as well as bitter experience because of heartless behavior from elders of the family. I have visited several times but never got inspiration to stay for more than one night. we have been uprooted and do not have our own house there except small piece of land. some time I do feel our pity situation even though has been a member of once Zamindar/ land lord family. Apart from all these, I still have very good memories of taking bath at Ghagar ghat of Shilabati river with my brother, Buka whom I have loved a lot. I donot have any prejudice to declare the people of this village and everything very good. I have met different kind of people here. Rajivda and Baudi are nice, caring people. most of the others are very opportunistic and not ready to help each others. Sorry for this comment.
Issues of maidhara
Simlapal, Bankura District   said on
my father's one of the elder brother late Gouranga Sundar Singha babu was a resident of this village, my brothers Nirmal, Arun, Amal and Shyamal are still living here with their families. I remember them always.
Issues of bhelaidiha
Simlapal, Bankura District   said on
i have passed y several times while going to my ancestral village Jirabaid. I heard from my grandfather Late Debendranath Singhababu that his great grandfather Lakhan Singh Hekim was from this village and brother of Raja Ramchandra Singha Chowdhury
Issues of badulara
Bankura_i, Bankura District   said on
My villages badullara vary nice......
Roads request in lankajol
Kotulpur, Bankura District   said on
My village is very small but very beutiful.
Issues of sarangapur
Gangajalghati, Bankura District   said on
I live in Sarangapur . And always love my village.
Issues of mamudpur
Patrasayer, Bankura District   said on
mamudpur jabar rasta rasulpur theke uttar dike
Issues of kunda_pushkarini
Sonamukhi, Bankura District   said on
kunda pushkarini susilabala high school
Issues of seora_bani
Patrasayer, Bankura District   said on
Good village, Electricity supply is very good. Also need to improve transportation.