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Irlapadu Population

Irlapadu is a Village in Marripadu Mandal, Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh state in India. Irlapadu population in 2022 is estimated to be 1,774. According to 2011 census population is 1,552.

StateAndhra Pradesh
Population(2021/2022) est.1,552 - 1,774

The Irlapadu Village located in Marripadu Mandal, 1584 People are living in this Village, 846 are males and 738 are females as per 2011 census. Expected Irlapadu population 2021/2022 is between 1,552 and 1,774. Literate people are 792 out of 496 are male and 296 are female. People living in Irlapadu depend on multiple skills, total workers are 752 out of which men are 482 and women are 270. Total 139 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 104 are cultivated by men and 35 are women. 469 people works in agricultural land as a labour in Irlapadu, men are 248 and 221 are women.


Population(2021/2022) est.1,552 - 1,774

Irlapadu is a Village in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh, India. It falls under Marripadu Mandal. Irlapadu agricultural crops are paddy with the water being sourced for this land from rain, borewells. Irlapadu people enjoy the foods like Rice and celebrate the festivals like Sri RamaNavami, Vinayakachavathi. Nearby Schools to this village are/in MPUP school, Colleges around this place are/in Marripadu Madal Govt Jr college 5 KM distance. Available Hospitals to the people living in this place are Govt Hospital Marripadu. People in Irlapadu and around this locations enjoy their entertainment in cinema theatres like/in Atmakur 30 KM distance. Temples around this place are Rama Temple in my village.
Irlapadu population in 2021/2022 is between 1,552 and 1,774 and total households residing are 374.

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Irlapadu Info

Village Crops : paddy
Village Crop Water : rain, borewells
Village Foods : Rice
Village Festivals : Sri RamaNavami, Vinayakachavathi
Nearby Schools : MPUP school
Nearby Colleges : Marripadu Madal Govt Jr college 5 KM distance
Nearby Hospitals : Govt Hospital Marripadu
Nearby Cinemas : Atmakur 30 KM distance
Nearby Temples : Rama Temple in my village
Irlapadu Sarpanch : Gurram Penchalaiah
Mandal President : Subbarao K
Status of Water Source : Through Bores
Status of Village Roads : Very poor No road facility, Village transport through autos only
Status of Electricity : not good
Status of Water & Sanitation : Yes
Status of Health Problems : More Floride Physically Challenged Uneducated No Hospitals
Main Transport : By Auto
Distance from Irlapadu to Marripadu Mandal : 5 KM
Distance from Irlapadu to Nellore Town : 70 KM
Distance from Irlapadu to Hyderabad(Shared), Amaravati (New State Capital) : 300 KM
Climate/Weather in Irlapadu Village
Weather in January : Heat
Weather in April : Very Heat
Weather in July : Normal
Weather in October : Little coo
Not yet all developed village so far Around 300 families are living Education,Transportation, Water, Bus,Health every problem So kindly address and resolve We are waiting Tens of years Politicians are changed Sarpanches are changed So far No results.

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