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Mariani Population

Mariani is a Town and Block in Jorhat district of Assam state in India. Total number of villages in this Block is 79. Mariani Block sex ratio is 977 females per 1000 of males.

Population of Mariani


Mariani is Block in Assam state, Mariani Block population in 2023 is 173,729. According to 2011 census of India, Total Mariani population is 131,613 people are living in this Block, of which 66,585 are male and 65,028 are female. Mariani population estimated to be 168,465 in 2022. Literate people are 84,769 out of 47,037 are male and 37,732 are female. Total workers are 59,901 depends on multi skills out of which 38,414 are men and 21,487 are women. Total 5,582 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 4,605 are cultivated by men and 977 are women. 3,430 people works in agricultural land as a labour in Mariani, men are 2,155 and 1,275 are women.

Mariani population chart

The Mariani population chart is a graph that shows the distribution of all demographic groups, Literacy percentage is 64.41 percent, out of these 35.74 percent is male literates and 28.67 percent is female literates. Total Workers percentage is 45.51 percent, out of these 29.19 percent is male workers and 16.33 percent is female workers.Total Block Agriculture farmers percentage is 4.24 percent in Mariani, out of these 3.50 percent is male farmers and 0.74 percent is female farmers. Mariani Labor percentage is 2.61 percent, out of these 1.64 percent is male labor and 0.97 percent is female labor. Mariani Block people is divided down between male and female members of the population. The below graphic shows from Literacy to Households of Mariani Block.

Mariani barchart on population, literacy, workers & households

Mariani Block population list

Mariani Block has a total of 79 locations/villages, Below is the population table listing as per the last census of 2011 showing male, female and household information in the Jorhat district.

Locations/VillagesPopulation 2011MaleFemaleHouseholds
Gabhoru Gaon1,673882791374
Gohain Pathar Gaon54226927395
Abhayporia Gaon982495487206
Dohatia Gaon757398359167
Balimora Gaon1,429733696296
No.163 Grant4,4842,2482,236938
Darikial Gaon2,3871,1841,203516
Borgayan Gaon194999544
Gharfolia Maibelia Gaon2,1151,0711,044461
Gharphalia Gaon1,172572600266
Kowar Gaon879440439194
Sotai Shah Bagisa1,364665699338
No.2 Mograi24312811553
Phukan Habi Gaon1,090558532230
Nakachari Gaon1,098563535250
Maibalia Chakial1,713880833384
Deberapar Gaon783391392178
Tirual Gaon1,706852854365
Kathalguri T.E.3,1741,6301,544658
Dihingia Par Gaon2,5441,2871,257517
Cinatali Gaon2,5591,2881,271552
Marangial Gaon2,1031,0821,021488
Balijan Grant3,5591,8131,746798
No.1 Naginijan Grant2,8871,4651,422683
No.1 Mograi899446453203
Mograi Grant42222011
Mograi (N .C)60372314
No.2 Naginijan963491472212
Deberapar Grant1,424730694310
Mautjoli Gaon614304310132
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Mariani Block Villages List

Mariani is a Block in Jorhat district of Assam state in India. Below is the list of Towns and Villages in Mariani Block. Total Number of Villages in this Block list are 79.

  1. Mariani
  2. Gabhoru Gaon
  3. Gohain Pathar Gaon
  4. Abhayporia Gaon
  5. Dohatia Gaon
  6. Balimora Gaon
  7. Darikial Gaon
  8. Borgayan Gaon
  9. Gharfolia Maibelia Gaon
  10. Kowar Gaon
  11. Sotai Shah Bagisa
  12. Phukan Habi Gaon
  13. Nakachari Gaon
  14. Maibalia Chakial
  15. Deberapar Gaon
  16. Tirual Gaon
  17. Kathalguri
  18. Dihingia Par Gaon
  19. Cinatali Gaon
  20. Marangial Gaon
  21. Balijan Grant
  22. Naginijan Grant
  23. Mograi Grant
  24. Mograi
  25. Naginijan
  26. Deberapar Grant
  27. Mautjoli Gaon
  28. Holong Gori Chah Bagisa
  29. Desoi Shah Bagisa
  30. Rangajan Gaon

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