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Corruption - Corruption in India

Corruption in India (Hindi: भ्रष्टाचार)
The year 2011 has proved to be a watershed in the public tolerance of political corruption in India, with widespread public protests and movements led by social activists against corruption and for the return of illegal wealth stashed by politicians and businessmen and State and Central Government officers securing in state and foreign banks and also keeping in the form of properties in Benami name.

Most of the corruption occurs in the form of bribary. Many of the State and Central Government employees in india does not get satisfy with their salaries due to greedy in nature and think of security for them and their kins.

Most corrupt departments in india:
The worst departments which irritates common people of India are
1. Police,
2. Traffic (RTO),
3. Civil Supplies,
4. Municipal Corporations,
4. Banks(Loans),
5. Co-operative Society(Sanction of Agricultural Loans),
6. Pension Department,
7. Panchayat Samiti
8. Sales Tax
9. Income Tax
10. Labor Department
11. Civil and Criminal Courts
12. Human Resource Departments
13. Domestic Gas Supplies
14. Property Registrations
15. Public Works Department
16. Customs

There are many more like this, every department where they service and citizens directly looks for bribary.

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