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Nilokheri Population

Nilokheri is a Town and Tehsil in Karnal district of Haryana state in India. Total number of villages in this Tehsil is 76. Nilokheri Tehsil sex ratio is 893 females per 1000 of males.

Population of Nilokheri


Nilokheri is Tehsil in Haryana state, Nilokheri Tehsil population in 2022 is 213,556. According to 2011 census of India, Total Nilokheri population is 166,841 people are living in this Tehsil, of which 88,144 are male and 78,697 are female. Population of Nilokheri in 2021 is 206,883 Literate people are 106,088 out of 61,966 are male and 44,122 are female. Total workers are 56,657 depends on multi skills out of which 44,996 are men and 11,661 are women. Total 15,238 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 14,298 are cultivated by men and 940 are women. 11,598 people works in agricultural land as a labour in Nilokheri, men are 9,923 and 1,675 are women.

Nilokheri population chart

The Nilokheri population chart is a graph that shows the distribution of all demographic groups, Literacy percentage is 63.59 percent, out of these 37.14 percent is male literates and 26.45 percent is female literates. Total Workers percentage is 33.96 percent, out of these 26.97 percent is male workers and 6.99 percent is female workers.Total Tehsil Agriculture farmers percentage is 9.13 percent in Nilokheri, out of these 8.57 percent is male farmers and 0.56 percent is female farmers. Nilokheri Labor percentage is 6.95 percent, out of these 5.95 percent is male labor and 1.00 percent is female labor. Nilokheri Tehsil people is divided down between male and female members of the population. The below graphic shows from Literacy to Households of Nilokheri Tehsil.

Nilokheri barchart on population, literacy, workers & households

Nilokheri Tehsil population list

Nilokheri Tehsil has a total of 76 locations/villages, Below is the population table listing as per the last census of 2011 showing male, female and household information in the Karnal district.

Locations/VillagesPopulation 2011MaleFemaleHouseholds
Raison (12)5,0772,7192,358944
Pastana (11)1,817943874347
Budhera (8)1,575837738309
Bhukhapuri (19)1,029546483207
Bursham (7)766413353150
Gitalpur (23)41421719775
Jamba (22)2,0401,092948395
Abela (24)1,588822766273
Abeli (25)1,228635593244
Barthal (35)3,8932,0501,843751
Kamalpur (37)1,118594524198
Brahman Majra (21)857458399166
Sanwat (20)2,9311,5391,392549
Hai Batpur (18)1,336696640254
Patanpuri (10)1,006540466181
Nigdhu (14)7,8324,1163,7161,503
Karsadod (13)3,5261,8791,647669
Koer (26)4,2902,2722,018792
Majra Roran (29)3,3021,7801,522651
Sitamadh (27)2,8291,4621,367511
Moheri (25)3,0951,6251,470579
Bahola (16)2,9321,5901,342546
Bir Badalwa (15)3,6431,9201,723670
Gholpura (17)1,040540500169
Sambhi (52)2,7031,4301,273541
Ramana Ramani (53)3,3291,7751,554698
Parwala (54)1,799960839316
Saga (58)5,7273,0142,713972
Bir Naraina (59)1,352704648278
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Nilokheri Tehsil Villages List

Nilokheri is a Tehsil in Karnal district of Haryana state in India. Below is the list of Towns and Villages in Nilokheri Tehsil. Total Number of Villages in this Tehsil list are 76.

  1. Raison
  2. Pastana
  3. Budhera
  4. Bhukhapuri
  5. Bursham
  6. Gitalpur
  7. Jamba
  8. Abela
  9. Abeli
  10. Barthal
  11. Kamalpur
  12. Dabarthala
  13. Brahman Majra
  14. Sanwat
  15. Hai Batpur
  16. Patanpuri
  17. Nigdhu
  18. Karsadod
  19. Koer
  20. Majra Roran
  21. Sitamadh
  22. Moheri
  23. Bahola
  24. Bir Badalwa
  25. Gholpura
  26. Sambhi
  27. Ramana Ramani
  28. Parwala
  29. Bir Dhandari
  30. Saga

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