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Haryana Yamunanagar Chhachhrauli

Chhachhrauli Population

Chhachhrauli is a Town and Tehsil in Yamunanagar district of Haryana state in India. Total number of villages in this Tehsil is 150. Chhachhrauli Tehsil sex ratio is 895 females per 1000 of males.

Population of Chhachhrauli


According to 2011 census, Total Chhachhrauli population is 211,729 people are living in this Tehsil, of which 111,733 are male and 99,996 are female. Expected Population of Chhachhrauli Tehsil in 2020/2021 is between 205,377 and 262,544. Literate people are 130,542 out of 75,493 are male and 55,049 are female. Total workers are 65,158 depends on multi skills out of which 57,931 are men and 7,227 are women. Total 14,542 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 13,914 are cultivated by men and 628 are women. 14,713 people works in agricultural land as a labour in Chhachhrauli, men are 13,940 and 773 are women.

Chhachhrauli barchart on population, literacy, workers & households

Chhachhrauli Tehsil population list

Chhachhrauli Tehsil has a total of 150 locations/villages, Below is the population table listing as per the last census of 2011 showing male, female and household information in the Yamunanagar district.

Locations/VillagesPopulation 2011MaleFemaleHouseholds
Mamli (322)1,311716595252
Salempur Bangar (321)1,861979882352
Chahron (383)1,145603542206
Garhi Banjara (387)1,643877766308
Udhamgarh (401)1,438849589257
Modhuwala (385)31117613558
Manakpur (386)1,400882518299
Bhukhri (388)1,286705581230
Kharwan (314)8,3454,4163,9291,667
Bala Chaur (312)3,0821,6291,453603
Bhagwanpur (313)39520618970
Dadupur Chhawni (106)1,003531472206
Fatehgarh (107)2,3471,2421,105464
Shahzadpur (109)597320277119
Kanalsi (104)1,402743659268
Choli (237)627330297121
Rampur Jat (234)705362343133
Salempur Kohi (33)762394368131
Gohra Bani (236)21010410631
Jangle Salempur Kohi (489)2411134
Mahiyudinpur (31)1,134588546169
Jaitpur (30)1,411742669203
Rajpur (235)740380360125
Chabutron (232)41721919890
Prithipur (231)1,145607538208
Fatehpur (230)3919206
Manakpur (229)2,5491,3351,214428
Jogiwara (228)41921920072
Lalhari Kalan (226)1,145623522229
Lalhari Khurd (224)52927625397
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Chhachhrauli Tehsil Villages List

Chhachhrauli is a Tehsil in Yamunanagar district of Haryana state in India. Below is the list of Towns and Villages in Chhachhrauli Tehsil. Total Number of Villages in this Tehsil list are 150.

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