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Health - Health care system in India

Health Care in India: Health care is the biggest scary system in india for common people. One of the Biggest Corruption area is Health care. Many of the doctors are corrupt and bluff the patients who visit them for illness. Disease Diagnosing is not even for all the hospitals as there is no proper system developed by Government of India. People often suffers due to the wrong advise by the doctors. Medicine has become very expensive, even though United Nations says one of the best medicine supplies to Africa is from India, the internal regulation system has over burdening the people of India.

Free Health Care:
India needs to learn a lesson from Cuba, Canada where they offer free treatment and medicine for all the citizens. The standards of Diagnosing patients are same at every hospital in Cuba and Canada. It is learnt that some of doctors in Cuba does not have even a Refrigerator at home. They involved in complete public service unlike its mafia in India due to education corruption.

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Health in India

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