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Industry: Know about Indian Industries

Space industry is currently dominated by India with advanced technology and research. Currently India Space Research Organisation is planning to launch 103 satellites using a single mission. In June last year, ISRO launched 20 satellites in one go. It took about 26 minutes to launch all the 20 satellites. In 2008, ISRO launched 10 satellites in a single mission. The highest number of satellites launched in a single mission so far has been 37 by Russia in 2014; NASA launched 29 satellites in one go in 2013.

The Top Industries of India are:
1. Agriculture
2. Automobiles
3. Auto Components
4. Aviation
5. Banking
6. Biotechnology
7. Cement
8. Consumer Markets
9. Space
10. Pharmaceuticals
11. Construction
12. Food Industry
13. Insurance
14. Oil and Gas
15. Real Estate
16. Telecommunications
17. Steel
18. Textiles
19. Tourism
20. Healthcare

Important industries of India

Till Independence agriculture has been the major source of livelihood for India.However, after Independence there were many industrial projects were initated by government and this triggered to industrial infrastructure.

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