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Khag Population

Khag is a Town and Tehsil in Budgam district of Jammu And Kashmir state in India. Total number of villages in this Tehsil is 48. Khag Tehsil sex ratio is 962 females per 1000 of males.

Population of Khag


Khag is Tehsil in Jammu And Kashmir state, Khag Tehsil population in 2023 is 89,227. According to 2011 census of India, Total Khag population is 67,596 people are living in this Tehsil, of which 34,457 are male and 33,139 are female. Khag population estimated to be 86,523 in 2022. Literate people are 25,898 out of 15,433 are male and 10,465 are female. Total workers are 16,433 depends on multi skills out of which 13,259 are men and 3,174 are women. Total 4,079 Cultivators are depended on agriculture farming out of 3,875 are cultivated by men and 204 are women. 1,458 people works in agricultural land as a labour in Khag, men are 1,394 and 64 are women.

Khag population chart

The Khag population chart is a graph that shows the distribution of all demographic groups, Literacy percentage is 38.31 percent, out of these 22.83 percent is male literates and 15.48 percent is female literates. Total Workers percentage is 24.31 percent, out of these 19.62 percent is male workers and 4.70 percent is female workers.Total Tehsil Agriculture farmers percentage is 6.03 percent in Khag, out of these 5.73 percent is male farmers and 0.30 percent is female farmers. Khag Labor percentage is 2.16 percent, out of these 2.06 percent is male labor and 0.09 percent is female labor. Khag Tehsil people is divided down between male and female members of the population. The below graphic shows from Literacy to Households of Khag Tehsil.

Khag barchart on population, literacy, workers & households

Khag Tehsil population list

Khag Tehsil has a total of 48 locations/villages, Below is the population table listing as per the last census of 2011 showing male, female and household information in the Budgam district.

Locations/VillagesPopulation 2011MaleFemaleHouseholds
Raihan Bag (Malwah)60129430784
Zahid Bag (Gund Dalwach)1,133598535175
Larik Pora697361336109
Buna Sharan727388339105
Pala Pora1,389718671163
Iskineder Pora3,3011,7331,568392
Hardu Surash1,953980973289
Looki Pora50525924659
Peth Saharan37616820841
Dalwach Khored1,094518576134
Alam Nag49124524685
Punj Yari28214014251
Nasar Pora1,362695667170
Ramdar Chakpora641350291103
Lowahi Pora44923721242
Hamchi Pora2,2981,1611,137270
Awan Pora27014712344
Mala Pora Khag939460479106
Rawat Pora76640536173
Zagi Pora38718420346
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Khag Tehsil Villages List

Khag is a Tehsil in Budgam district of Jammu And Kashmir state in India. Below is the list of Towns and Villages in Khag Tehsil. Total Number of Villages in this Tehsil list are 48.

  1. Raihan Bag
  2. Zahid Bag
  3. Larik Pora
  4. Bunagund
  5. Buna Sharan
  6. Badran
  7. Bamurad
  8. Pala Pora
  9. Parapora
  10. Iskineder Pora
  11. Ichehama
  12. Hardu Surash
  13. Looki Pora
  14. Peth Saharan
  15. Dalwach Khored
  16. Poshker
  17. Alam Nag
  18. Trapay
  19. Punj Yari
  20. Nasar Pora
  21. Ramdar Chakpora
  22. Khag
  23. Lowahi Pora
  24. Hamchi Pora
  25. Nagabal
  26. Abandar
  27. Awan Pora
  28. Mala Pora Khag
  29. Rawat Pora
  30. Zagi Pora

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