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Uttar Pradesh Amethi District

Amethi District Population

Amethi is a district in Uttar Pradesh State of India. It has a total of 5 Tehsils in this district. . Amethi population is estimated to be in 2023.

Demographics of Amethi

The most spoken Language in Amethi is Hindi.

The Amethi average altitude (elevation) 101 meters above sealevel.

Population Density of Amethi : 620 per sq km
Total Area of Amethi : 3063 sq km

Amethi District Tehsils List

Tehsil is the local administrative division mostly a town or city, Below is the Amethi District District Tehsils list in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Tehsil can be considered as sub-districts, As on the last 2011 census, Amethi District is divided into 5 Tehsils.

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